Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Pencil Heroes

Being a homeschooler means I'm always on the look out for fun, new products to try with my boys. Anything that is needed and can keep their attention is always a plus. Que Pencil Heroes. Pencil Heroes come in a six pack of bright colored Super Hero pencils, each #2 pencil is made with a different SuperHero design with functioning eraser capes.

Pencil Heroes are good not only for teachers and students, but they would also make great stocking stuffers, goody bag loot, back to school or prizes. The boys say they want to use theirs for Valentines Day this year. We will get some little cards and write a clever saying on them and stick the pencil inside for all of their little friends. I think they will be a hit. Not only are these designs sure to catch your child's eye, but the quality is equally as great. We've had pencils in the past that had different types of eraser attachments and while they where cute, the erasers weren't good at all and always left a smudge. These erasers work exactly like they are suppose to. The weight of both the pencil and eraser make it easy to write with. Use the link below to purchase Pencil heroes for the Super Heroes in your life.


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