Monday, August 6, 2018

A&W Root Beer Floats with Family Fun Night

Family Game night is always a treat in our household. We stay pretty busy so we love finding time to spend together. We don't always have the luxury of going out, so we like planning nights in. We usually just get out some board games, make some snacks and enjoy ourselves. Today we let the boys choose the games. Logan chose a Shopkins board game, and Ashton decided on Candy Land. Since they chose the games Momma chose the treats. Today is National Root Beer Float Day, what better treat than our own Root Beer Floats? I didn't do anything fancy. Hey, I'm 9 months pregnant and not a lot of energy. HaHa, but these where the best tasting root beer floats I've ever had. 

I did however use our adorable A&W cups to make everything cuter. The boys love vanilla ice cream and sprinkles. So we used the little cups of individual vanilla icecream with sprinkles already on top. They each got their own cup and got to scoop it on top of the creamy A&W Root Beer. Feeling like they made their own floats was a treat in itself for them. I don't normally allow them to make their own food or drinks because it causes a bigger mess than I want to clean, but these where so simple and brought the biggest grins to their faces. If this recipe isn;t your favorite then try a few different ones until you find one you like. Use some whipped cream and cherries, whipped cream with sprinkled chocolate (which sounds absolutely amazing) or flavored syrups. There are endless possibilities. 
A&W Root Beer has a long history of creating family memories.The unique,creamy taste is a simple treat that creates fun, care-free experiences or families and can help make any moment special. I remember weekends with my grandparents and they never ended before we had all had our root beer floats. It was my grandpas favorite treat and a time I'm trying to recreate with my own family. 
Visit the link below to get some inspiration for recipes and start your own traditions today with A&W Root Beer Floats. 

For Float "How-Tos" and recipe inspiration visit

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