Friday, July 6, 2018

Organizational Products to Fit Your Homeschool Needs

The end of my first full year of homeschooling has officially came to an end. That doesn't mean the work stops there. Unfortunately I'm already getting things ready for next year. Since this was our first year, I feel like I've learned ways to make things easier on not only my kids, but myself as well. Organization is the key to my sanity. I ran around like a chicken with its head cut off for most of the year. Constantly searching for this or that, misplacing important papers and everything else.
Thankfully, when you find the right products, organizing isn't that hard. While looking for products to help keep our home school room organized I knew the main thing I needed was shelving. I don't have the time, no patience to try building my own shelves. Instead I found the perfect 4 shelf book case to hold a majority of our supplies all in one place.
The Bassinger 4 Shelf Bookcase from Ameriwood Furniture is made of laminated particleboard and MDF. Putting it together was a breeze. With the help of my husband it took maybe a half hour from start to finish. With a new baby on the way I admired the fact that the shelf came with a wall mounting kit to prevent tipping injuries.

I found  a plastic bin at my local Dollar Tree to keep smaller items like scissors, glue crayons etc in and put them on a shelf so the kids will know right where to look. I used a cute metal crate to keep things like Math manipulatives, clay, glitter etc. The top is used for the books we use daily. The binders and workbooks along with a cup for dry erase makers (the boys love playing on the dry erase boards but tend to leave the lids off the markers), they now know to always put the markers back in their place.

I also organized all of their "fun" books onto one shelf. Our night time reads, books about Dinosaurs, sharks, astrology and all of that fun stuff. The bottom will be used for Science experiments (once I gather all of those up). I try to keep things like that boxed up so that we don't lose any of the ingredients, but life happens. In all honesty, the main thing that helps me keep my composure when it comes to home schooling, is to keep organized. I feel less frazzled when I know exactly where everything is. Most days I'll give the boys a few minutes of what I call "busy work", which is just something simple to keep them occupied. While they are busy with that I go ahead and write lesson plans for the next day and get all the books and/or papers together so that we are all set the next morning.
Another option would be the Aaron Lane Book Case with Sliding Glass Doors. I had got his particular shelf with the intention of using it for all of the things I would need for schooling, but didn't want the kids to have easy access too. Once I set it up I realized it matched the upcoming babies crib set perfect. I figured keeping babies things neat and organized will also save me a lot of time and sanity. With a new baby expected to welcome our family in late August, right around the time we will start back school, I'm trying to find ways to make life easier on all of us. I'll show you guys a quick snap below. I haven't had time to get it stocked up and ready, but for now I figured I'll use it to keep some of babies necessities like sleepers, onesies, diapers and wipes.

Whether you're looking for storage and organizational products or just furniture to spruce up your house, be sure to check out everything that Ameriwood Furniture offers.

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