Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Pop N Play Zits for Your Little Pranksters

This is a sponsored post!

Kids are born pranksters. My 7 year old has been playing pranks on his older brother for as long as I can remember. First came the whoopie cushion, then stink bombs, fake vomit, slime and poop emoji toys.  Now New York City’s NSI International, Inc. is taking “gross” to a whole new level. Introducing ZitsTM (EWWW!) pop n’ play pimples. Just press them on, squeeze ‘em, and gross out everyoneZits is loads of fun for kids and pretty realistic. When they first arrived at our doorstep my youngest immediately put some on his face, went to the bathroom mirror and yelled for his older brother to come in. He soon as he sees him walk through the door he starts "busting" his zits and toy puss goes everywhere. The oldest is running,yelling "Ewwww, your gross". My husband and I got quite a kick out of it. It's a great gag gift or even toy for an older child. My 11 year old has gotten  hard to buy for. He doesn't play with the same toys other kids his age enjoy. The new Zits toy is something my oldest considers an age appropriate toy for himself. You can actually bust Zits and a realistic "puss" comes out of them; super fun to hear my boys tell it!

Zits will be coming this March to Walmart and other major retailers and will be sold in packages of 25, with an MSRP of $4.99. Zits pop n play pimples are safe and non-toxic. They come in several sizes and are being sold in a massive pack of 100 for $19.99 at  My kids love these and parents will love that they are fun and mess free. These are perfect toys for for kids of most age groups. Next time your kids have a party or sleepover make sure to pick a pack up. They are super affordable and guaranteed to be a Blast. 

I can't help but laugh when I see my youngest with these zits all over his face. He would walk around all day playing with these if I'd let him. He especially loves when someone knocks on the door and he opens it with his face full of zits. I must say my mail man was a bit surprised HaHa. 

Make sure you check out Zits shop and follow them on social media today. Be sure to enter the giveaway below for you chance to win Zits:



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