Thursday, March 15, 2018

Creative Basket Stuffers for Some Bunny Special

I love Easter. Every year I get to look forward to making my kids Easter baskets. They are all so different and unique with their interests that finding a pre-made basket can be challenging. Plus, that kind of takes the fu out of it for us Mommas. Crafting is a favorite past time of mine so Easter is one of the few occasions I can make myself find time to sit down, relax and work on something.
My boys love arts and crafts. I'm sure you see me post about it all the time. It's something fun we can do together that doesn't break the bank.

Crayola is my go-to brand for anything arts. The products never disappoint. This year I chose a few different fun items and will be adding all of it to the boys Easter baskets. One of the bigger things as Crayolas Preschool readiness kit. What's better than fun while learning? This specific kit is designed for kids 36 months and older. It's amazing for helping young kids earn letters, shapes, colors, numbers and more. It has a 40 page booklet filled with fun and colorful activities that will help your child grow creatively. The activities focus on the development of physical, thinking, language, and social skills which are all essential for further learning. The kit also have 20 pages of construction paper, 8 Ultra Clean Washable Broad Line Markers, 8 hexagon colored pencils, 8 Jumbo Crayons, 3 sticker sheets, safety scissors and glue. Both fun and educational for your little ones.

Another cute thing I got, which will be the first time the boys have tried it, is the Color Alive Funny Faces Zanny Zoo. It allows kids to create a funny, silly version of themselves in a safe and creative way. They can color a mask in the 11 page booklet then upload it to a smart device and see themselves wearing their crazy creation. They get to mix and match with over 250 zany animal mask creations. Each virtual mask includes silly and surprising animations. My boys love anything that gets them time on their electronics, so this will for sure be a hit.

To go with these fun products I also got a couple Color Wonder Mess Free Coloring Kits. I love these for long trips. They definitely help to keep the boredom at bay. Along with some Jumbo Palm Grip Crayons and paint rollers. If your looking for some creative ways to show your little bunny that your thinking of them make sure to check out Crayola via the link below. Keep checking back in the coming weeks for more fun Easter basket stuffers.

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