Friday, March 23, 2018

SneakPeek Gender Test Was Wrong UPDATE

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Opinions stated in this post are my own personal opinions. 

With age usually comes patience. Notice I said "usually". Even at 33 years old ,patience isn't a virtue I posses. I'm currently almost three months pregnant with my "happy accident". As soon as I found out I was pregnant I had a feeling I was having a girl. I immediately started buying everything pink. I knew I was taking a chance, but I just couldn't help myself. 
I began searching online for gender tests. Almost everything I found had fine print at the bottom reading "This product is only intended for fun and is not based on scientific evidence". Finally I stumbled upon Sneak Peak, The Early Gender Test. After doing quite a bit of research on the company and product, I decided this was just what I needed to find out the gender of my new bundle of joy. 

Sneak Peek is the only 99% accurate, at-home gender DNA Test. This early detection gender test has been designed to be taken in the stress free environment of your own home. Within 24 hours of receiving your sample, Sneak Peek will identify the gender of your baby by detecting the presence of fetal DNA.
When ordering your test you have two options. The first option is the first Sneak Peak test. They deliver a turn around time of 5-7 days from the day you place your order. The other option, which is what I got is the Fast Track. With Fast Track you could receive results within 72 hours from the time you place your order, depending on postal delivery times etc. 
I received my first test on a Thursday. So i waited until Friday morning, when I was 9 weeks and 2 days pregant, to take the test then immediately took test to the post office. By the next evening I received an email saying my sample wasn't up to quality standards, meaning it couldn't be tested. I admit I kind of worried about this because my blood immediately clotted. Thankfully within a couple of days I had my new test (sent free of charge). I felt more confident this time around since I knew what to expect and I was 10 weeks pregnant by that time. 

Now on to the actual testing. Since the test basically checks for male DNA it's very important to keep all males away and out of the room when you test. Unfortunately my entire house is completely dominated by males. Funny enough, the room with the least amount of male DNA happens to be my two sons bedroom. They literally spend no time in there so I decided it was my best bet. I even kept my boy dog out of the room (no idea if a dog could contaminate it but I wasn't taking any chances). I made sure to clean there table with soap and water, air dry and then clean again with Clorox Wipes. I also wiped off the package with Clorox wipes before opening it and then washed my hands. Upon opening the package I sat everything out neatly on the table and made sure it was all in arms reach so that I didn't have to reach across the table. The kit comes with a vial for your blood, 3 different lancets to poke your finger (seems excessive but believe me, you may need them). A nail brush to scrub your nails before testing, band-aid and gauze, and the container along with pre-paid postage to send your blood sample back. Let me once again tell you how important the hand washing and nail scrubbing is especially if you have males in your household. You want to wash and scrub better than you ever have so that there's no possibility of having that male DNA on your hands. Per the easy to follow, step by step instructions, it's also really important to do the hand/arm exercises to get your blood flowing. It does require close to half a vial of blood so you don't want to get half way there and no more blood come out. I actually did run out and had to poke another finger. Since it's recommended to get your blood in a 3 minute time frame I was definitely worried I had messed up another test, but I continued on. I recommend going ahead and poking your finger twice so that you are more likely to get enough blood in the time frame.  This time I made sure to properly shake the sample and could clearly see that my blood wasn't clotted. I wiped off any excess blood and put the vial in the container and immediately sent my husband to drop it off at the post office. 

Around 4pm (EST) the very next day I received an email from Sneak Peak stating my sample was checked in and I would have results within 8 hours. Eeeeeeek!!! I was so nervous. When I tell you I checked my email every 2 to 3 minutes I am not exaggerating. About three hours later I saw a notification pop up on my phone that said "your results are in". We had our gender reveal planned for the next day and I was suppose to be surprised but I couldn't help have a little peak. Seeing the results made tears of happiness roll down my cheeks!! I'm in Eastern Kentucky and as luck would have it we where in the middle of an emergency flood situation. The big gender reveal we had planned wasn't possible because so much of our families where stuck and couldn't make it. I was so ready to make the announcement that I decided to go ahead and have a small reveal for the few people who could come. We had one of those cute footballs filled with powder to use. The reveal wasn't quite as "Huge" as I had planned because my football fanatic husband insisted on throwing the ball into the air to kick it (even after I repeatedly told him no). He ends up barely snipping the ball and it didn't give quite the explosion we wanted,but.....

Thankfully when that PINK powder hit the ground and bust all over the place, the reaction from our family made it the most perfect reveal ever!!! A little Girl!! My husband was so excited and proud. Seeing the look of surprise and happiness on every ones faces meant so much to me. Finding out this early on and being able to have much more time to buy and plan things have made this pregnancy seem much less stressful. I'll be forever grateful to Sneak Peek for allowing us this opportunity!!   

UPDATE- March 23,2018: I'm going to make this quick because to be honest, I'm still quite upset. As you have just read we where told by this company that we where having a baby GIRL. 6 weeks went by where my family and I built a bond with this baby "girl". We spent hundreds of dollars on baby clothes and baby decor. I took my test at 10 weeks and 2 days so I felt very confident. My doctor even assured me again today that baby is measuring correctly. Fast forward to when we got the gender ultrasound just a few hours ago. As soon as the tech put the doppler on my belly I immediately saw my baby boys pee wee flashing across the screen. They even did a vaginal ultrasound next just to get a better angle and be completely sure....he was still a Boy!! Ofcourse I'm going to love this little boy beyond all measure, but I'm still very upset that my results where wrong. I've had a hard time explaining to my young sons that they won't be getting their little sister. For weeks they went to sleep every night telling her they loved her and kissing my belly. Telling my mother in law that she won't be getting her first born grand daughter after all, was also a really tough conversation. We ALL spent weeks building a bond with this baby "girl" and becoming attached. The Sneak Peek at home test is advertised as being 99%. I must have been in that 1% which gets inaccurate results. If you take this particular test I would advise you to not put all of your emotions into it like I did. 
The company stands by it's results and offered to send another test. I honestly don't think I could go through that again. They also explained in my case, what they think may have yielded the Girl results. If the test yields a girl result and you are carrying a boy, it is possible at the time of testing that there was not a large amount of fetal DNA circulating in the blood (which is normal for some females) thus making the Y target DNA (male chromosome) go undetected. 


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  2. OMG thank you so much for this post, I only saw it after I had already purchased the scam test. I was told we were having a girl with sneak peek at 10 weeks and I decided to keep it a secret thanks to this post hoping they could be wrong for me too since I already have a girl and my husband has 2! and SURPRISE - went for my 17 week ultrasound and it was a clear boy the tech said no doubt about it. SNEAK PEEK SUCKS I AM SO GLAD they where wrong for me but im sorry that this happened to us anyways. NEver again.

    1. I've been hearing of so many people having this same thing happen to them. Thankfully I now have my 12 week old baby boy and couldn't imagine not having him. It still sucks that the company can get away with this though.

    2. How far along were you? I took it at 14 wks got girl and hoping they are wrong.

  3. Secretly hoping this is the case for me, even though I’ll be thrilled either way we were really hoping for a boy since this will be our last!

  4. Your experience with this test is the exact same as ours...even down to the emotions! For 10 weeks I bonded with this baby "girl" only to be told at our 20 week ultrasound that it's a boy. I would have been happy with a boy if this stupid company didn't make me believe that it was a girl for so long. We too had bought things and told everyone it was a girl. Lucky my son wanted a brother from the beginning so that was a happy conversation. It's going to take a other 10 weeks to get used to it being a boy. I will mourn all the hair bows for a while. Thank you for sharing your story!

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  6. I also took this test and my results came out boy!! I really hoping they're correct but i do have my doubts i have a 11yr old son and male cat in my house. Kept them both in the room sanitized the table and washed and scrubbed my hands. Nervous my cats hair may have gotten in the vial of blood. Especially since most boy results have been wrong. Taking the genetics blood test with my doctor office tomm should get the results in 2wks tops. Will keep you posted a healthy baby is the goal but always wanted all boys and my son wants a little brother he has 2 sisters from his father already.

  7. I have take test at 8 weeks it shows the result as boy.. but i wanted to get tested again went to test again at 10 weeks got the result as GIRL this time .. i was really shocked to see the different result with in 2 weeks

  8. I took this test at 8 weeks and 4 days.. got a girl result. Not sure if I should trust it.. I'm hoping that not enough male cells were detected. Don't know if I should retake it!?!?


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