Saturday, December 9, 2017

The Newly Animated Teddy Ruxpin

The iconic, best selling toy from the 1980a, who remains as one of history's most successful, trusted and cherished children's entertainment properties, is making a huge comeback. Teddy Ruxpin is more lovable than ever before and brings Magic and Friendship to story time with interactive technologies and features! He enjoys telling tales and singing songs with friends ages 3 and up, making him the perfect companion. Teddy Ruxpin is embedded with innovative technologies which include color, electronic LCD eyes that react in fun and surprising ways as he tells tales and sings songs. The new soft and cuddly 14" tall Teddy will have the core features and play patterns that parents and grand parents fondly remember, and will still read stories to children with a motarized mouth. There are more than 40 full-color eye expressions and animations. These expressions sync to Teddy Ruxpin's emotional state as he takes you on exciting storytelling adventures. Teddy Ruxpin's motorized mouth with talking technology moves whenever he Speaks or sings. Children can start, pause or move on through the stories, using the easy-to-use touch sensors in each of Teddy Ruxpin's paws. Want to fast forward through Teddy Ruxpin's sing-a-long songs? Just touch the Teddy Ruxpin logo on his vest. Teddy Ruxpin is Bluetooth-ready, enabling him to quickly sync with the exclusive story time app on any smart device. Downloading the app is free and easy. There are two convenient and fun ways to play! Mode #1 - Use the free story time app to help new readers advance their reading abilities; view digital books to read along with Teddy Ruxpin on any enabled device! mode #2 - When a device isn't available, kids can enjoy listening to Teddy Ruxpin's stories without the read-a-long app! Teddy Ruxpin comes with three original stories already unlocked with purchase the airship, all about bears and captured by Mudblups! There are seven additional stories available to purchase and unlock in the story time app. With so much fun packed into this fluffy 14-inch toy, Teddy Ruxpin is the ideal travel companion for everything from road trips to visits with grandma. And remember, you don't need a Wi-Fi connection to access your unlocked stories and songs, so Teddy Ruxpin is the perfect pal for story time fun anytime, anywhere!
Teddy was my all time favorite toy as a child. I remember being around 5 years old and waking up Christmas morning to find Teddy and his pal Grubby under the tree. At the time I thought they where the coolest toys ever. I sat for hours at a time listening to the stories. My son's have always asked me about my childhood; what kid of shows I watched, what toys I had etc. So, they where shocked to see one of Mommy's favorite toys available in stores, and this was one toy Momma made sure to get them for Christmas. I'm looking forward to many nights listening to stories with Teddy Ruxpin and my boys, just like my Mom did with me. 


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