Friday, December 1, 2017

For the Budding Artist and Fashionistas

Crayola has always been a staple brand amongst households across the world for as long as I can remember. Known for their excellent quality and durability, Crayola is also known for helping kids (and adults) to bring out their inner artist.

The Color Wonder Magic Light Brush Deluxe Kit is a gift for parents as much as children, because this non toxic painting set for kids is completely mess free and offers Color Wonder paint refills and additional paper for endless entertainment. Gone are the days when you had to hide the kids paint sets for fear of a disaster occuring. The magical part of this kit is that the specially made Crayola products only reveal their color on the unique Color Wonder paper. They won't work anywhere else. How cool is that? No more worrying about having a beautifully decorated wall by your 3 year old.
The Color Wonder paint is a colorless gel. This particular set comes with size paint pods that all look clear but they magically reveal a color as kids paint on the special paper. The only downside is that the paints can;t be distinguished from each other except by the color marked on their respective lids. With this new magic light brush, once the bristles detect the paint color, they'll light up to match it, that way kids know exactly what color they are painting with. Kids of all ages are sure to be enticed as they watch the magic come to life. (Three double A batteries are needed)

For the budding Fashionistas in your life I highly recommend checking out the Fashion Superstar Deluxe Kit. My 5 year old niece is already more stylish than I am and she loves everything fashion. I knew this would make the perfect gift for her this Christmas.

With this kit kids can use their own style and creativity to design prints, patterns and combinations to express themselves. What I found so great about this particular kit is that after your kid is finished designing an outfit they can then download (after asking permission ofcourse) the free fashion designer app to showcase their designs. Who knows, maybe they will become the next ultimate fashion designer. Fashion design toys are always in trend, and its rare to find one that pairs digital and non-digital activities so well.
This Holiday season you really can't go wrong with Crayola products. Whether you need something to stuff the stockings or the perfect gift, make sure to check out Crayola.

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