Saturday, November 4, 2017

Seasonal Popcorn Treats

My family and I tried out Funky Chunky's cafe' coffee inspired flavors. Their newest line includes Dark Chocolate Mocha, Caramel Latte and Vanilla Sweet Creme. I am a coffee lover so these were amazing for me! The chocolate was thickly drizzled over the plump kernels. When I say drizzled I mean really drizzled! Every variety has thick swirls of different chocolate (dark ,white or milk) and or caramels. Coffee isn't Funky Chunky's only inspiration though. Their seasonal Christmas variety Peppermint Bark is sure to be a well received delightful gift. You can find a flavor everyone in your family will love!

Funky Chunky is every sweets lovers dream! If you like chocolate they have it all white, dark and milk chocolate. Funky Chunky has coffee, caramel, cinnamon and seasonal flavors! They have seasonal flavors and gifts for every occasion! Check out the amazing birthday gifts and their holiday gift assortments. Bring everyone together at your next corporate function with Funky Chunky's corporate packages! I am such a fan of the seasonal varieties, but my all time favorite is the Sea Salt Camarel. You can never go wrong Sea Salt and caramel.

The large tins are also perfect to have around for guests during the holidays! My family always compliments us on what great snacks and appetizers we have during the holidays and Funky Chunky is one we always share with guests. It is a crowd pleaser! 

Make sure to shop Funky Chunky when looking for the perfect treat or gift and be sure to follow Funky Chunky on social media below:

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