Wednesday, November 29, 2017

MAM Baby Products

When my youngest was a baby he suffered terribly with colic. For months I tried everything I could find. I tried gas drops, Gripe water, baths, soothing music, holding and rocking him. Nothing I did seemed to help. Every night around 1 am he would start crying for no reason and continue for hours. It made for a restless baby and a very tired Momma. I just know if I could have found something to help him then my experience would have been better. Don't get me wrong, it was a wonderful experience, but it was tough. There isn't much worse than having a crying baby whom you can't help.
Luckily, for my next baby I'm going to be prepared incase we deal with the same thing.
There are many more products on the market these days that aim to help or prevent colic. The product I trust with holding up to their standards is MAM. MAM recently came out with a new line of baby bottles which help to prevent colic, gas, and reflux issues. The Anti-Colic Baby Bottle has ventilation holes to regulate the pressure balance. This enables the milk to flow evenly and without bubbles. Doing this reduces upset tummies. MAM's new Anti-Colic Bottles are ideal for both newborns and infants. The bottles are available in multiple color combinations and different sizes.
I must admit I'm pretty impressed in not only the concept of helping and preventing colic, but the look and feel of the bottles are really nice. I definitely wish these had been around with my other babies.
MAM's Anti-Colic Bottles have won multiple awards including; New York Family Magazine "Best Bottles", National Parenting Publication Awards, The Bump Best of Baby Award, NCW Eco-Excellence Award and the What To Expect Love It Award.
MAM offers other products like regular bottles and pacifiers, products for cleaning and sterilizing, oral care and teething,cups and teething toys, gift sets and more. I'm obsessed with these adorable Holiday themed pacifiers. Another favorite is the MAM Infant Basics Gift Sets. They come with 2 of the 5.5 0z Anti-Colic Bottles, 2 of the 9 oz, one 2' medium flow nipple, one 3' fast flow nipple, one newborn start pacifier, one Bite and Relax Phase 1 Teether and one soft brush. The gift sets would make a perfect baby shower gift for Moms to be.

We've teamed up with MAM to offer one lucky reader the opportunity to win $30 worth of MAM products. Enter below using the Entry Form. 

                                   Please visit the MAM website to see more products.



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