Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Brainy Toys for All Ages

As the kids get older it can become more and more difficult shopping for Christmas. In the day and age of electronics, it's even more difficult. My 10 and 6 year olds both love their Xbox's and Ipads. In fact, they spend a little to much time on them. So much time in fact, that I worry about wasting money on toys that will never get touched. They are at the age where imaginative play and brain pleasing activities and toys are crucial. So instead of looking at it in a way that I may waste money, I'm instead going to instead make it a mission to find products that are so amazing their little hands wont be able to stay away.

My household has always been huge fans of MindWare. So, it came as no surprise that several of the items on my kids Christmas wish lists where MindWare products. There is no way I could say no to this type of gifts.
MindWare is the award-winning creator, manufacturer and distributor of Brainy Toys for Kids of All Ages. Founded in 1990, the company started out with a small retail store in Minneapolis, evolving into a direct-to-consumer catalog and website business, as well as a wholesale business. Our diverse product line includes educational toys, games, brainteasers, creative play activities, building sets, coloring books and more. We deliver our unique collection of brainy toys and games to customers' doorsteps, diverse classrooms, neighborhood toy stores and the world's largest retailers.
Logan, the 10 year old is obsessed with all things dinosaurs. The Dig It Up Dinosaur Eggs where a top contendor on his Christmas wish list. Every egg in the carton contains a different dinosaur egg. You simply soak the 3" clay egg in water and then carefully chisel away the shell to excavate the dinosaur inside. Each set includes one dozen individually wrapped clay eggs, each with a chiseling tool and instructions, along with an excavation guidebook for learning more about each dinosaur. It makes the perfect group or party activities too. 


My 6 year old loves gross stuff and Science. The Science Academy: Gross Body Lab is perfect for him.We also homeschool and anything to do with Science is a plus. Slimy brains, melty mucus, bulging eyeballs-GROSS!! The hands on Science Academy kit includes all of the materials needed to conduct six fun and icky experiments that teach children the fundamentals of chemistry and the disgusting side of biology. Activities include making soap eyeballs, severed soap fingers and slimy soap brains. You will also make mucus, blood clots and guts as you create your own slime, The full color experiment booklet includes easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions and is filled with gross facts about how our bodies function.
A couple other fun options is the Stardust Putty Lab. It helps kids turn chemistry into fun time. The kit comes with pre-measured ingredients making it easy for even the youngest budding Chemist. Simply mix the putty base with a color and glitter blend of your choosing, Voila! Stretchy, sparkly stardust putty. The Hand Puppet and Play Mask kits are perfect for those boring, rainy days when the kids want to do some crafts. They make their own creation and then have hours of fun playing with them. 




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