Sunday, October 1, 2017

Glow Products for Halloween Safety

Halloween night can be a bit worrisome for parents. Kids are walking the streets in the dark, some times in costumes that can barely be seen by others. We live on a small street and I always dread the actual trick or treating part because of all the traffic. There isn't sidewalks for the kids to walk safely on so we end up walking on the side of the road. This year I'm trying something new. I figured we could get some cool glow products from Oriental Trading. Not only will these stick out to the passerby cars and make sure my kids are seen, but it's something I know the boys won't care to pack around. My youngest celebrated a birthday just a few days ago so we decided to hand out some of Orientals glow products as party favors. Not only did they make amazing favors, but it meant they are more likely to use them for trick or treat. We chose the "Flashing Teeth" and called them Zombie teeth (because no 6/7 year old can pass up zombie teeth). We also got the "Light Up Flashing Batons". The boys especially loved these. They sword fit all evening with them and a lot even said the batons would match up with their Halloween costumes..Score!!! Look below to get some super simple tricks to help keep your kids safe trick or treating. Also be sure to check out my other post to see how I incorporated Halloween candy into the party.

Trick Or Treat Safety Tips:

-You don't have to wait until it's pitch black out to start trick or treating. Start a little early.
-Never go alone. Send your kids with a group of kids (and make sure there is at least one responsible adult)
- Be visible (glow products are a great accessory)
-Go to houses you know
-Make sure your kids understand traffic rules and steer clear of oncoming traffic
-Dont go inside!! Teach your children it's never ok to go inside of a strangers home
-Stay on track. Map out your route and stick with it
-Always check the candy before eating it.

                                                                    Oriental Trading


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