Monday, October 23, 2017

Deluxe Jewelry Studio For Aspiring Fashionistas

I'm sure every little girl has thought about creating their very own charms. Now they can do exactly that with CharMinis Deluxe Jewelry Studio from Rose Art. . The set comes with over 100 charm pieces so you can put together endless charm combinations to create customized jewelry like never before. Select several sweet treat and fashion icon charm pieces that you want to turn into a charm. Brush with water, stack all the pieces together and watch as they instantly fuse! It's as easy as that-no glue needed. But the fun doesn't stop there. Add sparkle and shine to your charms with the included glitterizer. Just place your completed charm in the glitter chamber, pump the top and watch as glitter decorates the charm. Voila!! Your custom charm is complete. Use the jewelry stand as your work space, drying station and glitterizer. It's a complete charm-making studio with a stylish design you will want to display in your room. Get creative with CharMinis and show off your finished charms and finished pieces of jewelry.
My niece is very creative for a 4 year old. She loves jewelry and doing things herself so I knew this would be a hit with her. The studio itself has several features like the glitter station used to make your charms sparkle. There's even a jewelry stand to display all of your completed necklaces bracelettes etc. The whole process was pretty easy and Madelynn didn't require much help from adults. The charms stack and stick together with water. Just by applying a bit of water they almost magically stick together, which eliminates the need for messy glue. Clean up is a breeze. Some of the charms I noticed where pies, hearts, stars,cakes and plenty more. Over 100 as a matter of fact.
I also got 2 add on packs (refills). The Animal Theme pack and Color Pop Theme. That's 15 plus charms in each pack and the 3 different colored chords to choose from. Madelynn loves the Animal Theme pack. It had puppies, kitties, bunnies etc.


  • 100+ charm pieces to customize endless charm combinations
  • Multi-functional jewelry studio serves as a decorative jewelry stand, charm organizer, and creation station complete with charm glitterizing feature
  • Glitterize your finished charms to accent your personal style - bonus play pattern!
  • Make and wear stylish bracelets and necklaces with 4 colors of cord to choose from
  • Fun &  Easy Process - charm pieces simply fuse with water

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