Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Top 10 DIY Projects to Make Your Dog the Happiest Dog Ever

Keeping your dog happy shouldn’t be a tough task if you are ready to put in a bit of effort. You can try out various do-it-yourself (DIY) projects to please your beloved pet. The section below talks about ten DIY projects that can make your dog the happiest ever.

1. Prepare some ice pops

Ice pops are easy to make and allows dog owners to keep their cuddly pooch cool and happy. As a result of containing wholesome ingredients such as peanut butter, honey, banana, etc., these puppy ice creams would mitigate hunger pangs of your dog successfully. Another main ingredient of these pops is nonfat Greek yogurt; combining Greek yogurt with banana provides the ice creams with a sumptuous cream flavor, something even you will find tempting. To make the treat even more alluring for your dog, use edible dog chews or plastic/nylon dog bones instead of the regular Popsicle sticks.

2. Prepare a flea shampoo

Flea is one of the most common causes of misery in dogs. While it’s true that the market is filled with a series of shampoos formulated for eliminating dog flea, almost all of them are filled with harmful chemicals. This makes preparing a flea shampoo at home a must try DIY project for every dog owner. The ingredients you will need for preparing the shampoo include apple cider vinegar or white vinegar, baking soda, a baby shampoo (you can also use a non-toxic dish soap), and water.

3. Create a porch potty for your dog

Do you have a city dog that never gets the opportunity of peeing on grassland? If yes, build a porch potty for him without further ado. Cleaning the potty is easy; you will just have to flush the area every time he uses it using a big enough watering can. This will wash off the dog feces and drain out the water leaving the porch potty clean and dry.

4. Make a rope toy

This is a must-try project for people who have dogs known for their destructive nature. Most pups love tearing through soft toys and rarely take more than a few seconds to do so. Rope toys will present a more difficult challenge to them and keep them busy quite easily.

5. Prepare some bacon treats with peanut butter

Dogs are big fans of peanut butter and bacon. So, one of the easiest ways of making them happy is by treating them with a few pieces of bacon covered with peanut butter. You can bake the thing if you want to make the treats even more flavorsome.

6. Make some pill pockets at home

If you want to see your dog happy, you must not allow him to know that he has medicines. Combining medicines with a dollop of peanut butter is one of the most widely used ways of making these pets have their meds. However, the process often turns out to be messy. To avoid the mess, you can make some pill pockets at home.

The ingredients you’ll need for preparing the pockets include crunchy peanut butter, milk, and flour. You will have to mix these three ingredients in the ratio of 1:1:2 to make the pockets.

7. Convert your bed side table into a cozy dog bed

These tables often come with a hollow bottom, which is usually big enough to accommodate one big dog or a couple of smaller dogs. Some of the things you will need to do include cleaning the table well, removing the protruding screws and hinges (they might hurt your pet), painting the table, etc. Once done, don’t forget to place a soft cushion for ensuring ultimate comfort for your pet.

8. Reuse your old clothes for making a sweater for your dog

Pick a few clean, soft and colorful old clothes from your wardrobe and make some fluffy little wrappers or sweaters out of them. Dogs love to be in soft sweaters and wrappers during the cold winter months.

9. Make a potty training bell

If you have a pup that needs some potty training, do try this DIY project out. Make a potty training bell using three or more large balls, split ring, and some grosgrain ribbon. The bell would allow your pup to inform you whenever he needs to use the toilet.

10. Prepare some homemade dog food

Lamb stew would easily make any list of top homemade dog food recipes. The ingredients you would need for preparing a bowlful of delicious lamb stew for your dog include two cups ground lamb, one cup cooked brown rice, a 2-inch piece of carrot grated, 300 ml water, and ½ cup fat-free yogurt. Boil all the ingredients expect the rice and yogurt together and finally mix the rice and yogurt to the boiled items. You can serve the stew both cold and hot.

Author Bio:
June is the founder of TobysBone, where she shares her passion for writing and love for dogs. She wants to help you deal with your dog's behavior issues, grooming and health needs, and proper training. Through her blog, you can find informative and reliable posts, tips and tricks, and a lot of interesting reads that will help you maintain a close bond with your furry companion.


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