Thursday, September 14, 2017

Gov't Mule

Rock 'n' roll music has always been a reflection of the times, and the new Gov't Mule album, Revolution Come...Revolution Go, is no exception.
With Revolution Come....Revolution Go, which was released June 9 on Fantasy Records, the band again sets the tone for their legacy with its cleverly crafted songs, intelligent lyrical commentary, and downright incendiary playing. It's those traditions, combined with an observant eye on the present, that define their tenth full-length studio effort.
About the song "Revolution Come", Haynes explains, "It starts out as a swinging rock song,and then it goes into this blues shuffle that feels almost like a different composition altogether. It also has a jazz improv section, but ends up where it starts out. That's indicative of what the message is: going through all of these changes and winding up where you can.
Haynes goes on to say, "In many ways, the chemistry between the four of us is an extension of the chemistry that the original trio had. The approach we take to the music is the same uncompromising and adventurous approach, although it's inevitable that the music is going to throw in different directions. The common thread is the influences we chose and the way we play together., which harkens back to how important improvisation was in most of the music we all love. At the end of the day, we're friends. Making this music is satisfying in a way that;s completely different from any other project I've been a part of. That's what inspires all of us".

Back in 2009 I watched my very first concert. It was a band I hadn't heard of before. My husband and I where visiting family in Georgia and they had got tickets. The whole way to the concert they raved about how great this band Gov't Mule was.. And boy where they right. The atmosphere was insane. It was a nice summer day, in a huge field in the middle of Georgia. We where right up front and didn't have to brave the crowds. The music was absolutely amazing and to this day it's still one of my favorite concerts and one of my favorite bands. Thankfully next month they are coming to my neck of the woods.
On October 9 Gov't Mule will be having a concert at the Mountain Arts Center right here in Prestonsburg,Kentucky. For show times and ticket information visit the link below. I hope to see alot of you there.

                                                 Show Information

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