Wednesday, June 21, 2017 Amazing American Journey Dog Food

This month offered me a little something different to review! I was really interested as  I always love seeing my dogs reaction to something new. This month we are trying out's signature dog food American Journey. I will be sharing three different posts with you about American Journey Dog Food. Today's post I just want to talk with you about my first thoughts and impressions on American Journey Dog Food.

American Journey Dog Food is priced right now on for $39.99 and if you choose auto shipping you only pay $35.99 saving you an extra 10 percent. You get 24 pounds of premium quality dog food for this price. I have paid double this price for brands that offered a lot less and even had a few less pounds of dog food. When I first looked at the packaging I loved the fact that it is a grain-free dog food. I also loved the chicken and sweet potato recipe variety we got to try. I like to feed my dogs as good as I eat. I wouldn't want them eating something I wouldn't eat. Another thing I loved was the large bag size! 
So far my dog has loved American Journey. His coat is brighter and he has even picked up some weight. My dog is pretty picky so it is great to see him like a dog food. American Journey has the best ingredients and I think that is why he loves it!

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