Sunday, August 13, 2017

Imagination Movers Concert #Giveaway

Every morning I sit through at least two episodes of Imagination Movers and then can't quite get that catchy tune out of my head. "Everybody Shout, whats the big idea. Imagination movers are music to your ears". Admit it, you sang along didn't you?

My youngest boys are 10 and 6 years old. In the days of video games and YouTube I would much rather they spend their mornings watching shows like this than have their eyes glued to a screen.  It's age appropriate and in my opinion, teaches kids to pick each other up instead of tearing each other down.
That's actually how the band came together. Members of the group were life long friends and neighbors who knew kids needed music that speaks to them and not down to them.
I recently had the opportunity to have a little Q & A session with the movers. Here is what they had to say:

1- What is your favorite part about doing concerts/shows?
For each Mover it’s different, but interacting with the crowd as well as being out in the crowd is definitely a strong favorite. From shooting our vortex smoke cannons to covering the crowd in toilet paper, we love breaking down the performer/audience barrier. Ultimately, it’s like throwing a party and everyone is invited. Moreover, giving a high five to a wide-eyed fan during a show can make a moment. It’s a small act that we do not take for granted. We respect our fans taking their family time and spending it with us and so we give it everything we have!
Also, we’ve always been about creativity and music, and that’s why we play live music at our concerts. All the songs you heard on the show, we wrote. In addition, we’ve released nine albums and are presently working on our tenth. Now, many children’s performers and traveling shows rely on tracks, but we decided early on to show kids we were creating the music they were hearing (even if it meant hitting a wrong chord), and they too could be creators instead of consumers. Consequently, we’re huge proponents of kids taking up musical instruments as it has proven to be such a wonderful developmental tool, stimulating both their cognitive and creative mind. 

2- How long has the group been together?
The Movers will celebrate their 15th year come June 2018

3- Do you have kids, and if so what do they think about having a 'Mover" as a Dad :)
Each Mover is a dad, from Rich’s five kids to Smitty’s one. In fact, Rich has the oldest and Smitty the youngest. 
From the beginning, we’ve always tried to have them participate in what we were doing, whether that meant providing background vocals, or as an extra on the show we made. Note: a lot of the trick-or-treaters you see on the Halloween episodes are our kids. 
I think they’ve always been around it so it’s just part of what we do. I think the older they get, for example, Dave and I both have two kids in high school - the more their friends tell them how cool it is. Our show left a positive legacy and we’re proud of that. 

4- How long have you been doing live concerts?
We’ve been doing live concerts since we start, making appearances at New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, Austin City Limits Music Festival, Kennedy Center well before we had our show on Disney.

Have your kids been bugging you to see a concert? Maybe you felt they where to young, or you couldn't find anything age appropriate?  Imagination Movers is the concert for your family. This concert is sure to be fun and energetic.
If your located in Kentucky or the surrounding areas you've got 3 opportunities to check them out. Below is a list of show locations and times.

Imagination Movers-

8/26 Louisville,KY. 6pm Iroquois Ampitheatre (
8/27 Prestonsburg,KY. 3pm Mountain Arts Center  (
8/28 Beckley, WV. 7pm Family Worship Center  (

If you live locally, or are willing to travel, enter out giveaway below.
 Gobble It Up Reviews has partnered with the Imagination Movers to offer this super fun giveaway. One winner will receive a Family 4 Pack of tickets , along with Meet and Greet Passes, to the Imagination Movers show at The Mountain Arts Center in Prestonsburg,Kentucky. August 27 at 3pm. The other lucky winner will win an autographed CD/DVD. Winners will have their prize waiting on them at the will call at the MAC (simple give them your name).


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