Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Write Dudes #BackToSchool #Giveaway

We can never have enough art supplies in our house. I think I enjoy arts and crafts just as much as the boys. Whether it's a rainy day or just being bored, we always tend to pull out the art supplies.
While getting the boys ready for school this year we ended up with some delightful Write Dudes products for not only school, but to add to our art collection.

For back to school, Scribble Stuff by Write Dudes and USA Gold offers the best in student pens and pencils, as well as items to keep moms and families more organized during the busy time.
For 2017 its all about the best selling basics. Scribble Stuff 24 pack gel pens are the number 4 top-selling in the nation for a reason. My boys love drawing pictures using gel pens, but the ones we've used in the past have been dull, or run out super quick. Luckily we dont have that problem with these. The ink rolls on smooth and thick. The 30-count gel pen pack is new this year and offers lightly scented pens in groovy scents like Sea Breeze, Blooming Florals, Citrus Harvest etc.

My favorite is this  32 count pack which includes a Gel Pen Tower Display Stand that offers visibility and easy access to the pens. I've sit the tower on the kids art desk and they love being able to see all the colors. The best part is they even put the pens back when they are done. Win Win !!

Pencils sales are soaring thanks to the coloring trend. USA Gold pencils are made right here in America. Kids can;t go back to school without pencils. Those are usually the first item listed on the back to school list. My boy's school always recommends #2 pencils. This 10 pack is perfect because I can send a couple with them on the first day and keep the rest at home to hand out as needed. Plus, we've got to keep pencils for the boys to do art. Oh, and did I mention that these particular pencils come already sharpened? Score!!

Back to School can be just as stressful for Moms as it is kids. We've got to keep track of test days, after school sports activities, car pool days and pretty much every single thing that needs remembered. Board Dudes offer an amazing (and much needed) variety of magnetic dry erase boards called Color Code Your Life, to help organize and share weekly planners and monthly calenders. ( from $6.49 to $14.99). The system provides a true organization for the entire family. As you can see below it comes with 4 different colored markers and 4 blank squares at the bottom in the colors of the markers. What I did was use a different color for each of us. I wrote our name in the correct box with our corresponding color. When one of us has something that needs written down like an appointment, practice, etc, I just write it with our color so we know which event is ours. I will say that the purple marker which was suppose to me for me didn;t work so I had to join boxes with my husband HaHa. I should also mention the board came with a piece of paper to use for measuring. It didn't take but a couple minutes to get it hung up. This board has already make our hectic schedule a bit simpler. 

Rose Art is offering one lucky fan the opportunity to win a set of USA Gold Pencils and a Color Code Your Life weekly calendar from Board Dudes. 

Giveaway is Closed: Chris B is the winner




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