Sunday, June 18, 2017

Summer Fun with Oriental Trading

Summer!! My favorite time of the year. My kids are all ready to spend their evenings outside and that means I may be able to squeeze in a few seconds of "me time" ever so often. I try to make sure that we have alot of fun, outdoor games to keep the kids occupied through out the summer. They spend enough time in doors on electronics. When the weather is nice I want them out side being kids. When I was their age I couldn't wait to get home so that I could spend the day outside with the neighborhood kids. I was gone from the time the sun came up until the street lights came on.
Kids these days have gotten lazy. They've also gotten addicted to electronics whether it be watching videos on YouTube of kids playing video games, or playing video games themselves. I get so sick of seeing their eyes glued to the screen.

This summer I made sure to visit Oriental Trading for our "Outdoor Fun" needs. They have so many options to keep the kids occupied. I love that they have so many items you can buy in bulk. That's a great option when you have multiple kids or family members visiting from out of town.
My boys love playing Ladder Ball when they go to their Mamaws house so I decided to get one of our own. It has ended up providing us so many hours of fun. Every evening we all go out and play together. It's great for all ages.

We love crafts! I mean absolutely love them. Crafts are a great way to beat boredom while using your creative skills. I got this cute set of planters for the boys to decorate. I told them if they turned out good we could plant some pretty flowers in them and give all of their grandmothers one. The set came with 12 planters and enough stickers to decorate each one. The boys decorated every single planter in one setting and loved every second of it.

Potato sack races are always fun. Fun and exercise can go hand in hand. The front of these particular potato sacks say "Get Movin For Heart Health". Since my 10 year old son has Congenital Heart Defects I found these only fitting. We've had all the neighborhood kids over for some evening potato sack races.

One of my favorite purchases from Oriental is these beautiful Autism Awareness pencils. My son will be starting Kindergarten this year so I figured its a great way for him to show support and raise awareness. We have enough to hand out on to each of his classmates.

Oriental Trading has something for every occasion. Whether it be toys, summer time activities, Holiday decor or party favors. Make sure to check them out for all of your event and party needs.

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