Thursday, June 15, 2017

Sleep Better with Cocoon Cam

Before jumping into this review I feel the need to let you guys know that the product I'm speaking of is not designed or marketed for this type of use. However, I personally felt it was worth trying and it fits the needs of My family.
Being a special needs parent comes with a lot of worry. It's usually a different kind of worry than those of typical children. We worry about being able to provide our kids with the right amount of nutrients each day because some of them cant eat by mouth or some have sensory or oral aversions which make eating certain foods difficult. A lot of special needs kids have no fear. Their brain doesn't really recognize danger therefor we have to keep our eyes on them at all times so they don't get into something that may result in injury.

My 10 year old son Logan was born with Congenital Heart Defects and Kabuki Syndrome. The effects of these two things resulted in him having a tracheostomy at just 3 months old. The trach is his lifeline. This is how he breathes. We have to carry a portable suction machine with us at all times incase his trach gets plugged and he can't breathe. Logan has always slept right in bed with me because I have a huge fear of his trach getting plugged at night and me not being able to hear him.

When I was introduced to the Cocoon Cam just a few weeks ago I immediately knew this was something that could possibly put my mind at ease. My favorite features of this particular cam is number one, that you use your smart phone instead of a secondary monitor. The main monitor is sit near the child and you use your cell phone to stream the video. The other thing I like is that the cam also monitors the breathing. Now, this isn't a part of the cam that I've personally used. Only because the breathing monitor aspect was designed to be used on babies so I don't think it would be a good idea to trust it on a 10 year old kid. Being able to visually see Logan means I can let him go to bed before me and I can feel content with checking on him via the Cocoon Cam. If I get even more brave we could possibly move him into his own room soon (or at least a small bed beside steps people, baby steps). The picture quality of the cam is absolutely amazing. It's such a clear shot. It's been nice being able to cook dinner without having to run in the other room and check on him every few minutes. I'm able to lay my smartphone on the counter and take a peep whenever I choose. Logan also loves the cam. I'm constantly catching him smiling from ear to ear directly into the cam (as you can see from the photo above). He loves knowing Mommy is always watching him. If he needs something while I'm not in the room he will get in front of the monitor and use sign language hoping I'm seeing him via the cam. It's honestly been a huge asset in our home.

The Cocoon Cam is much more than the traditional baby monitor. It was designed to use cloud based technology to monitor your little ones breathing through the video feed without any additional physical device that needs to be attached to them. It offers real time streaming to your Iphone or Android device. The smartphone application has built in alerts which help determine if there are any potentially hidden issues that can be invisible to the naked eye. The 2-way audio function can easily be used to sooth your baby with your voice or just to check in with a quick Good Night.

I think this cam sets its self apart from other cams. I don't know personally of any other cams which have the no-wearable baby breathing monitor. They use cutting edge computer vision technology that tracks even the smallest chest movements. It even works if baby is swaddled or under a blanket. You get real time visualization of baby's breathing rates with the proprietary Breathing Graph , giving you complete piece of mind. Another nice option is that other family members have the option to log in themselves and view baby whenever they want.
Cocoon Alerts notify you whenever something changes in the baby's environment. You get notified right away  when the advanced computer vision senses periods of unusually low or high movements. Cocoon Alerts, the Breathing Graph and Swaddle Stories are all part of your Cocoon Insights Subscription. You get 6 months free with the purchase of your Cocoon Cam  and the subscription fee is only $12.99 a month after.
Whether your a new Momma looking for the best Baby monitor out there, or a special needs Mom just wanting to keep a close eye on your loved one, give the Cocoon Cam a try. You can learn more by visiting the links below.

Disclaimer:  I am not using this product in the way the manufacturer intended. The Cocoon Cam is in no way a medical device and I am in no way trying to portray it as such. 

                                                                                                  Cocoon Cam



I received a sample for review purposes. I only promote products I believe in. All opinions are 100% my own and may differ from others. 

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