Sunday, May 21, 2017

Coop Sports

Coop Sports believes there is nothing better than living an active lifestyle surrounded by friends and family. The Sport line encourages this idea by providing all-conditions recreational sports gear for fun play wherever you go.
My boys used some of their birthday money this year to buy themselves a pool. Nothing huge, just a small 4 ft above ground pool. Since they bought the pool themselves I figured it would be nice to find them some cool pool toys. I looked all over the place for a nice, affordable basketball goal. Most of the ones I found was to expensive, or very low quality. The boys can be rough on their things so I needed something that would hold up to their rowdiness and last for a couple summers.

This Coop Hydro Spring Basketball Goal is exactly what we needed. It's a floating basketball goal set. The sewn-in spring at the base of the net adds stability to the goal in water. The fabric covering has  cool patterns and adds to the durability. It also includes a basketball with a textured grip. The ball is the perfect size for my 5 and 10 year old boys.

We also got the opportunity to try out the Hydro Football which is 100% water proof so you don't have to worry about a soggy ball at the beach or in the pool. Finally a football that performs great in or outside of the water and doesn't get weighed down.
Another fun item for the pool is the Hydro Lacross set also made by Coop. We live in Eastern, Kentucky and I'll admit that Lacross isn't something my kids or myself have ever played. It's honestly been a hit with by husband and boys though. The soft foam handles make it easy for kids (and adults) of all skill levels to catch, scoop, cradle and throw the ball. It's perfect for the pool, beach or in the backyard.

Coop Sports is a fashion forward active lifestyle brand united in bringing friends and families together with age appropriate all-conditions sports gear. Coop is the category leader in in water sports and sets itself apart from the crowd through quality patented products with unmatched material fabrication and trend forward graphic design. They are committed to making more fun days playing sports in the pool , backyard or beach, while offering products that will exceed your expectations.




I received samples for review purposes only. All opinions stated are my own and may differ from others. No financial compensation was exchanged. 

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