Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Mio by Manhattan Toy

Last year The Manhattan Toy Company introduced MiO (mee-oh), the modular wood play sets that combine structures and vehicles with enchanting beanbag animals and people. MiO's flagship is the 41 piece wood building set that inspires kids to unplug and immerse in dreaming. You may have noticed from other posts of mine that I'm all about unplugging and spending quality time together, or just logging off and being outdoors for a couple hours each day.

I'm a huge fan of wooden toys. The quality is great and the toys are longer lasting than most. They can be passed down from child to child. My boys are rough and rowdy, leaving their toys to take alot of hits. Wooden toys are almost indestructible and I love that. 
Our household got the opportunity to try out a couple items from the new MiO collection. We ended up choosing the Food Truck and Airplane. (Check out the rest of the Mio line here). 

The Food Truck includes the wooden Food Truck and 1 wooden person. The wooden blocks suggest a stove and refrigerator and four wooden discs, functioning wheels and open up the side window to begin taking orders and serving. The neutral colors make this great for both boys and girls. 

The MiO airplane set comes with the airplane and one person. It has a real spinning propeller and wheels. The colors could also be for both genders. My oldest loves airplanes but we've had a hard time finding good quality airplane toys as most have been made of a cheap plastic material that easily gets broken. I'm pretty sure we won;t have that issue with this one. It's very well made and durable. 

Although the recommended ages are 3 years and up, my five and 10 year old boys loved playing with them. My youngest told me he was flying his plane to the his brothers food truck to have dinner. I love seeing them engage in active play and spending time using their imaginations. 
Some brands of wooden toys can be quite expensive, but The Manhattan Toy Company, in my opinion, makes it possible to purchase nice quality, long lasting toys at a price I'm comfortable with. 




I received samples for review purposes only. All opinions stated are my own and may differ from others. No financial compensation was exchanged. 

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