Thursday, April 6, 2017

Mini Easter Buckets

My household loves Easter. It's one of our favorite holidays. We spend the day at our great grandmothers house with all of the extended family. The kids all enjoy opening their baskets, having dinner and spending the afternoon hunting eggs.
I decided to do something a little different this year and surprise all of the kids with their very own Easter baskets. My boys love the idea of handing them out to their cousins. I got everything  from Oriental Trading. From the Easter buckets to the stuffers. They had everything I needed.

I ended up getting the Bright Easter Buckets which come in sets of 6 for under $12. I got two orders so that we will have one for each child. The buckets are actually the perfect size to fit quite a few toys and candy and then be used to hunt Easter eggs. Parents won't have to worry about tugging along the baskets or forgetting about them. These are lightweight and all of the kids can fit the same amount of eggs.

As far as stuffers I tried to get things the kids would really play with. I'm always bad about buying non sense things just to fill it up so I decided to go a different route this year. Less about quantity and more about quality. The Egg Shaped Bubble Bottle Necklaces are perfect for both boys and girls, no matter the age. Every "bunny" loves bubble jewelry :) The footballs where something I knew the boys especially would love. They ended up being smaller than I expected, but the perfect size for the buckets. Last but not least are the Neon Smile Face stress balls. My 10 year old, Logan, loves stress balls. These where just to cute to pass up. They came in a variety of colors like green, pink orange and blue. They have cute little faces and a few strands of hair. The best part is that you get two dozen per order. I ended up with alot left over so I can put them up for another time. I still plan to get some of those plastic easter eggs and fill them with chocolates, maybe pick up a couple small things from the Dollar Tree just to make them look fuller. All in all I'm pretty pleased and know the kids will love them.

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