Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Everything is Awesome Lego Party!

Last year was Minions, the year before was a carnival and this year he chose Legos!!! Every year shortly after Christmas I start telling my son to figure out what theme he wants his birthday party to be. I love getting DIY ideas from Pinterest and making decorations myself so I need a couple months to plan and get things ready. This year I ended up getting the majority of supplies from Oriental Trading. What didn't come from them I was able to make myself. Oriental has been our go-to for party supplies, holiday parties and special occasions for several years now. The products never disappoint.
The first things I purchased was the Lego tablecloths, dinner plates, dessert plates, cups and napkins. In my opinion, once you have those first few basic products everything else seems to fall in place. I used one long table for the cake and all of the food. I wanted to add more decor so I scoured Pinterest for ideas. I found this amazing idea for giant Legos and it was super simple. I already had some large boxes so all I had to buy was solid color wrapping paper and solid color paper dessert plates. You wrap the box with the wrapping paper and glue the plates on. Voila!! giant Legos, super cheap. These where a hit. Every one who walked through the gate loved them.

A party isn't complete without cupcakes. This year I used the Lego cupcake kits from Oriental Trading which came with the wrappers and picks. I wanted a little something extra so I bought a cheap Lego mold kit from Amazon. My other in law made the molds out of chocolate bark and we sit them on the cupcakes. Not only did they look great, but they also they taste amazing.

When I first ordered this Color Brick Tray with cones, I wasn't exactly sure what I would use it for. I was thinking maybe it could double as a cupcake stand. After I got it put together I realized it wouldn't hold many cupcakes. So we ended up filling up the cones with candy. I displayed it on the table with the favor boxes and it was a hit. The sunglasses where a nice touch that I knew the kids would appreciate since the party was outdoors and quite sunny. The favor boxes which where smaller than I expected where filled with small whistles, candy and a small Lego figure cutout. I found the free template online and printed them out. 

I used the Color Brick Party centerpieces to put in the middle of the tables. They where pretty good in size and looked great. I made an L out of Legos we already had and printed out a sign that said "Logans Awesome 10th Birthday to put in a pretty frame to sit on the cake table. 

Now, I would love to be a Betty Crocker Mom and make my kids birthday cakes, but I'm no where near talented. SO we got a local lady to make this amazing cake. Half white and half red velvet. OMG, it was delicious. For entertainment I got the Color Brick Part Bend game which is just like twister. The kids and adults loved it!! I think the adults ended up playing more than the kids haha.
All in all it ended up being an amazing party with lots of love, laughter, good food and amazing decorations. Make sure to check out Oriental Trading for all of your party and holiday supply needs.

I received product in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are 100% my own and may differ from others. 

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