Saturday, April 1, 2017

Aeromax Toys

Aeromax Toys is the perfect shop for one of a kind gifts to fit each of your childs unique personalities. Take play to a whole new level with Aeromax Toy's super cool My First Career and Get Real Gear as well as their toy line.

My First Career Gear is perfect for a little one to dress up and pretend to be what they aspire to be in real life. It includes pretend play outfits like Policemen, Astronauts, Firemen and many more. My boy love dressing up. They have an entire trunk full of costumes. The one costume they didn't have that they've always asked for is an astronaut. So we chose the Astronaut helmet and matching orange vest. The helmet has been a hit. Theres a button one one side that opens up the face shield and on the other side a button that talks. The boys love pretending to explore space and I love watching them be creative in play. Costumes are also perfect for Easter baskets. Every year it gets harder to find age appropriate basket stuffers. Aeromeax has so many options. Not only costumes but also The Bump and Bots which are wind up robots, Sky Blasters which are perfect for outdoor play, and so many more options. Check out more of what Aeromax Toys has to offer by clicking on the link below.

I received product in exchange for my honest opinion. All views are 100% my own and where not persuade in anyway.

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