Sunday, March 5, 2017

IFME Child Shoes #EasterGuide

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IFME knows what kids like. They have designed their shoes to fit the needs of little ones perfectly! IFME would make the perfect Easter Basket stuffer. Instead of filling your child's basket with toys and candy that usually ends up in the corner of the closet or thrown in the trash, why not throw in something really useful this year? A new pair of IFME shoes or sandals. IFME is available for boys and girls in a variety of colors and in several different styles.

As alot of you may know, my son Logan, almost 10 years old has special needs. He has some issues with fine motor skills and hasn't yet mastered the art of tying his own shoes. That's why these shoes immediately grabbed my attention.  I'm always looking for a stylish shoe, one that is age appropriate, but yet easy enough for Logan to feel self reliant. He loves being able to do things for himself. IFME shoes make it super easy for him to get his shoes on and off all by himself. For him we chose the Scout shoe in red and blue. For my youngest, Ashton, we opted for the Playa in cobalt and orange. The style and colors go perfect with shorts,jeans and even joggers. 

IFMe is an amazing shoe for kids of all ages. The company has always focused on proper foot development for children. As children walk, play and run it is essential that they wear shoes that promote healthy foot growth and and natural movement of their toes. These shoes have special insoles that actually train your child's foot to have a healthy arch. You can learn more about their insole's here but to make it short and sweet they allow children's toes to splay on contact with the ground as if they were barefoot. The indentations in the toe provide a secure foundation and prevent the foot from twisting, both of which reinforce healthy arch development.
IfMe has several different collections available for both babies and kids, which you can learn more about here 

IFMe shoes are the perfect Easter Basket stuffer make sure to check out their site below and follow IFMe on social media below:


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