Wednesday, February 8, 2017

#MakeLearningFun With These New Apps #MBM

This is a sponsored post on behalf of MBM for Kid's Academy all opinions are 100 percent my own although I did receive financial compensation.

Kids Academy is at it again! The leader in early childhood development apps has released updates on two of their best tools for your little learner. The developers with the TinyHands division have updated their Kids Puzzle game as well as their Shapes and Colors game. I was offered the opportunity to check out these apps. Check out my reviews below.

Kids Puzzle Game

Kid's Puzzle Game is for ages three plus. Apps are a great way to teach and engage with children. Especially if you homeschool like us! It is a way for my kids to learn and get to play at the same time. Kid's Puzzle Game challenges children to think outside the box and solve puzzles. My youngest is about to start Kindergarten. I've been trying to find apps that will help up get to the level with his peers. This app has not only kept him occupied but its a brilliant way of getting him to learn while having fun.


Shapes and Colors Game

Shapes and Colors App is perfect for toddlers. They can play a learning device and learn their shapes and colors. It is perfect for my boys. In a matter of hours my youngest was putting the correct pieces where they belonged. I was amazed at how fast he was able to pick it up. He was breezing through.


      Kids Academy has a wide array of apps geared towards early childhood development.
Check them out on iTunes and Google Play

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