Sunday, February 12, 2017

Kidz Gear

Headphones is a great option for Easter baskets when it comes to young kids or even teens. KidzControl Volume Limited Headphones are perfectly designed for little heads in mind. They are also very affordable and super simple to use. My boys love watching YouTube videos, Netflix and playing games online. Ofcourse they also love to do it while I'm trying to watch tv or when we are driving. The noise drives me crazy. Add them yelling that they cant hear because of the other and it makes for a rough time. The KidzControl headphones have been amazing for us. They fit both boys heads perfectly at ages 5 and almost 10. The boys can easily plug them in themselves. They also come in 7 different colors so no need for the kids fighting over them. Each pair comes with a storage bag for easy storage when traveling or to keep safe while not in use. Kidz Gear also offers a splitter so that two children can wear two different sets of headphones at the same time on the same device. Can you imagine how many arguments this will settle?

The first adult-featured stereo headphones made specifically for kids. Manufactured with the same high quality components as those used in adult headphones costing far more, the headphones deliver extremely rich sound quality for a variety of audio content. Featuring the proprietary KidzControl Volume Limit Technology and a built-in volume control function, these headphones are also the safest headphones available for the little ones. They are a must for children in the car, on the plane or hanging out at home.
We've partnered up with Kidz Gear to offer one lucky reader the opportunity to win your own set of KidzControl Volume Limited Headphones.

This Giveaway Has Ended! A Winner Will Be Announced Soon!

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I received a sample for review purposes only. All opinions are my own and may differ from others. 

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