Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Vertiplay by Oribel

Orbidel is a combination of "ori" from Original and "bel" from Belle meaning beauty. The brand was created with a belief that original ideas and aesthetics belong together. At Oribel, they understand that while parenthood is an exciting journey, it is daunting at the same time. Through their original and innovative products, they aim to deliver solutions to make parenting days more enjoyable.

From Oribel USA comes a new, innovative way to play. Vertiplay wall toys where designed to keep the mess of toys off the floor. Giving you, the parents, more time to enjoy the actual play part, rather than worrying about when you will find time to clean the mess back up. Unlike other toys, these toys actually stick to your wall or any flat surface. They are not only toys but also decorative wall art for your kids rooms, play room or nursery. 

My boys and I recently got to try out two of the amazing Vertiplay toys, the Tree Top Adventure and Goofy Moose. I was really amazed at how easy it was to apply both of them. I made sure to pre clean the surfaces where I was applying them and let it air dry. Each toy came with a piece of paper on the back that you simply peel off. Once you peel it off you just hang it up where you want it. I was expecting some air bubbles but to my surprise there was none. Both toys applied perfectly.
I put the Tree Top Adventure in my boys room, right by the door and low enough for both of them to reach it. They both love rolling the caterpillar down the little wooden tracks. Another thing I loved about these toys is that they are wooden, so they are very durable. The boys loved racing and seeing who could make it down the tracks in the fastest time. It also adds a nice touch of decor to their room.

The Goofy Moose fit perfectly on our refrigerator. Since we put the other in the boys bedroom I figured it would be nice to have one in the kitchen for them to play with when Mommy is cooking or cleaning. Goofy Moose is a game of balance. Kids can use the magnetic discs to balance the antlers on the mooses head, or use it to learn to count. It's an engaging game to teach little ones a lesson in balance and mathematics.

These new, innovative toys are raising the bar for other toy companies. I don;t know of any other toy on the market which offers such fun while also being so easy to maintain and clean up. Parents are busy enough with our every day duties, so adding the task of cleaning up our kids toys everyday it can often times be to much. We no longer have to worry about that thanks to Oribels new Vertiplay toys. 

I received samples for review purposes only. All opinions are my own and may differ from others. 

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