Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Ruby's Rubbish Review #HGG

Christmas without Ruby's Rubbish just doesn't sound much like Christmas, does it? If you have read my previous review then you know I've quickly became obsessed with all of their clothing. I'm all about comfort, and yes, I even chose comfort over style, but what I love about Ruby's Rubbish is that I can have comfort AND style with their amazing tees.
I'm from the South, born and raised. So, ofcourse I have tons of camo in my wardrobe. What country girl doesn't love camo, right? If your looking to add some camo to your Fall and Winter wardrobe look no further than the Deerly Blessed-Christian Baseball Tee. A unisex fit made of a pre shrunk polly/cotton blend with camouflage print sleeves, a rack of deer antlers in the front with Deerly Blessed underneath. If your not a country girl your gonna feel a bit country with this cute tee. Dress it up or down with some leggings and nice boots.

Being the awesome wife that I am I felt it was a must to include the My Husband-Fun Baseball Tee in my wardrobe. This adorable tee (available in a multitude of colors) has the perfect slogan front and center "MY HUSBAND HAS A FREAKIN AWESOME WIFE, TRUE STORY". How cute is this for a wonderful wife like myself? I don;t have alot of white shirts (kids, need I say more)  so I chose to go with the white shirt and black sleeves. Ofcourse like all authentic pieces from Ruby's Rubbish it comes with the oh so adorable shoulder tag on the back right shoulder. Ruby's Rubbish also sell mens and kids clothes

A word from the creators:

What makes our clothes special is how we approach the creative process; it’s all heart over here at Ruby’s Rubbish. Every shirt is an adventure, a moment of our lives bottled and preserved in a cotton T. As wives, mothers, and women we’ve all had a day where we’re just a “Sweet Southern Mess”, and Lord knows every day we’re “Deerly Blessed”. From ball games to road trips, the best moments in life happen in our T-Shirts; at Ruby’s Rubbish you’ll find your very best moments, and with a little luck, create some new ones along the way! Isn't life such a beautiful mess?

Hannah and Laci

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