Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Magic Bullet Baby Bullet and Turbo Steamer Review #HGG

Moms always have the best intentions when it comes to their babies. You have so many plans and expectations when it comes to the care you want to provide for them, their health and safety. Thats why it's so important to monitor what we put into their itty bitty tummies. With my oldest kids I didnt really worry about making my own baby food. I was a first time Mom, learning everything for the first time and quite frankly just thought it was easier to buy jars of baby food to feed the baby.
Fast forward a few years to my youngest child when I realized the importance of making our own food. I was older, wiser and determined. Now, Im not going to lie and say my family eats all organic, grow our own food etc, but I will say I'm trying to make sure we eat healthier. So, when a close family friend recomended the Baby Bullet I was pretty excited to try it.

The kit came with an impressive 20 pieces, including several happy looking plastic parts. It also comes with a really useful book on what foods baby can eat at what ages and some neat recipes. It's also BPA free which is always a huge plus. There isn't much better than knowing exactly what goes into your little ones tummy. With the baby bullet you know what nutrients they are getting. I love seeing the bright, vibrant colors of the fruits and veggies I add. My sons favorite food I made was apples mixed with sweet potatoes. I peel and cut up the potatoes into small cubes and steam or boil them for a few minutes so that they are easier to blend. Peel and cut up the apples and add them with the sweet potatoes into the blender and Voila!!!
If you dont have time to make the food fresh every day you can use the plastic jars or trays that come in the kit and keep them in the fridge, pull it out when baby gets hungry. Use the handy dial on the side of the jars to remember exactly what day you made it or what day it will expire.

A perfect pairing with the Magic Bullet Baby Bullet is the Baby Bullet Turbo Steamer. I use it to not only steam our food but also to sanitize the babies nipples and pacifiers. I'm a little obsessive when it comes to sanitizing nipples and paccy's, so many germs out there :)
Whether your a first time Mom, or a Mom to multiple I highly recomend the Magic Bullet Baby Bullet and Turbo Steamer. There is never a reason to not feed your family healthy, especially when it's this simple.


If your interested in learning more about these Baby Bullet products please check out the website Here

I received a product sample in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. All opinions are my own and may differ from others. No financial compensation was received. 


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