Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Mouthguard Challenge Review

Break out the laughs with this crazy party game that is a mouthful of fun! The game comes with 5 mouthguards, 51 specially developed tasks, and revenge cards. Anyone can play the game or just sit back and watch the fun. The tasks not only contain words or phrases, but also challenge you in a completely different way! I've been seeing this game all across social media. I kept telling my husband that we just had to get it. It looked like loads of fun for family night. When I finally got my hands on it, it was just as fun as I'd imagined it would be. I can now see what all the hype was about. My family loves trying to do all the tasks on the cards. I love that there's not only verbal tasks but also some that you have to act out, almost like charades. It definitely created lots of belly laughs. The mouthguard is very durable and flexible. They are also dishwasher safe which is great so that we can sanitize them. One of my worries is that my kids wouldnt be able to handle having the mouthguard in their mouth but it didn't bother them at all. The cards are challenging, but in a fun, clever competitive way. I'm not sure if I would recomend this game to be played on a first date. Its very hard to look attractive, as you can see below haha. Other than that, its  guaranteed to be loads of fun and laughs.

• Contains not only speaking out phrases, but also more "extreme" challenges
• Family friendly content

• Dish washer safe mouthguards
• Expansion sets available shortly online, including new challenges from Alex Mandel
• The authentic "Mouthguard Challenge" game as seen on Youtube

The game comes with 5 mouthguards, 51 specially developed tasks, and revenge cards. Anyone can play the game or just sit back and watch the fun. The tasks not only contain words or phrases, but also challenge you in a completely different way! Break out the laughs with this Crazy party game that's a Mouthful of Fun! Giggling, drooling and unforgettable fun. 
2 - 5 players, 16+ years and up.

                       Click Here to purchase

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Monday, November 21, 2016

The North Pole Kids Club Official Elf Kit Review

Like most kids, my boys love Christmas. Not just the gifts, but they love everything about it. The lights, the decor and family gatherings. Two years ago we jumped on the Elf on a Shelf bandwagon. All year long I scour the web every year looking for fun ways to announce his arrival. This year I stumbled upon the North Pole Kids Club and saw their Official Elf Kits. It ended up being the perfect way for Elfie to make his arrival. I woke up this morning and set the kit with "Elfie" in front of the Christmas tree and it was the first thing the boys saw when they walked into the living room.

What is the Official Elf Kit™?  

Winner of both the 2015 Creative Child Product of the Year and 2015 Family Choice Award, this year’s 2016 Official Elf Kits are jammed with merriment. 
Just how does one get to be a Junior Elf?  The information is all in the kit, which has an illustrated 64-page handbook and a 16-page activity book that spells out everything in age-appropriate storytelling. Older siblings are eager to help younger ones do festive activities or read aloud the story of Finley the Elf, keeping the magic alive another holiday season!  At their North Pole outpost online at www.NorthPoleKidsClub.com, gift givers can request a free personalized special delivery form. Imagine the wide-eyed surprise the moment the mailman drops off their personalized kit!

The boys tore into the package and put there Elf hats on. They loved the personalized certificates included and the Santa Key was a huge hit. We hung it on the Christmas tree for now and plan to hang it on the door knob Christmas Eve so Santa can get in :) The activity books that came with it have kept the boys very occupied. There is fun coloring pages, How To's for making a snow globe, gingerbread house etc. Theres a cute cut out of Santa Clause that you can hang up and let the kids add cotton balls to his beard each day through the month up until Christmas, it's a really nice Christmas count down idea. 

Making memories is my favorite part of the Holidays. I love memories and traditions. The Official Elf Kit will definitely be a new yearly tradition for us. My boys have definitely gotten more into the spirit of Christmas after recieving it. I want them to grow up with lots of fun traditions that they can pass down to their own children and grandchildren one day. My readers can share in on the fun and memories by using code GOBLE20 for 20% off their own order. 

Free Activities. The North Pole Kids CLub Official Elf Kit is packed full of fun activities. Check out this Link for more fun ideas and downloads! 
Dont forget! Head over and Like the company's Facebook to follow along this Holiday. If you click on the links under Free Activities you can do fun things like make Magic Reindeer Food, print coloring pages and more. 

ABOUT THE NORTH POLE KIDS’ CLUB:  Since Santa is especially busy during the holiday season, the North Pole Kids’ Club has an outpost in Cooper’s Corner, a magic workshop just outside the city of Denver, Colorado. Here fun and festive products that promote family togetherness with the spirit of Christmas are created. Start a family tradition with the North Pole Kids’ Club. Order an Official Elf Kit at www.NorthPoleKidsClub.com.

Get 20% off your order by using code GOBLE20

                                                    Visit North Pole Kids Club

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FREE 12x8 Canvas Print at http://www.canvasonsale.com/congrats/

Hey everybody!
I hope you are doing fine.
I'm very happy to present you this awesome deal! I just got a free 12x8" canvas print and I am allowed to share this with you!
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Once you have ordered your free canvas you can share this with your friends anywhere in the web, so they also get a free canvas print. FREE 12x8 Canvas Print! The AMAZING FREE CANVAS FOR AMERICA CAMPAIGN. All you need to do is to click the website link http://www.canvasonsale.com/congrats/ , upload your favorite picture,

REMEMBER: FREE 12x8 Canvas Print! http://www.canvasonsale.com/congrats/

Tuesday, November 15, 2016


When it comes to products for our beloved animals, Hartz is the brand we know we can trust. For more than 90 years Hartz has been solely focused on delivering exceptional pet care products for consumers. From their passion for pets to their promise to provide consumers with only the top notch products, Hartz has a little bit of something for almost all of our animals. Dogs and cats, birds, reptiles, fish and more. Hartz products are one of the most well-known brands there is.
We have quite a few fur babies in our household. Our 9 year old pittbull Capone, a 8 month old siberian retriever mix named Nook, our newest puppy Gizzmo who is a Yorkiepom, Bugsy our house cat and too many kittens to count. When i reached out to Hartz about a review they went above and beyond sending a little something for all the animals.

We got the Hartz UltraGuard Rid Flea and Tick Shampoo with Oatmeal which we used immediately on our two older dogs and used the Flea and Tick Powder on the carpets. I've not saw any fleas since we used it and I can tell the dogs are so much more comfortable.
I ended up keeping the toys and dog treats to make the babies a cute Christmas stocking. They deserve a Christmas gift too :)

The cats could obviously smell their treats so I had to give in. Bugsy's favorite has been the Lickable Treats. He's never liked the hard treats so these have quickly became his favorites.

In all honesty, I can't recall a single product from Hartz that I or my animals haven't liked or benefited from. It's hard to find a brand that you can truly trust, let alone a brand that does everything it says it will do. Hartz does exactly that and more. Add them to your Christmas list this year for your wonderful pets. Our furbabies bring us so much comfort and happiness all year long, so lets reward them.


                                             Connest with Hartz on Social Media

I received samples for review purposes only. All opinions are my own and were not persuaded in any way.

Saturday, November 12, 2016


3DLIGHTFX 3D Deco Lights are the perfect gift this holiday season. They have a full range of comic book, super hero, Disney Princess, sports and car lights that look as though they are popping right out of the wall! They are battery operated and cool to the touch so you can place them any where in the room! Your kids will loves having these in their rooms and they're also the perfect editions to a den, family room, man's cave or office! Find all of these amazing products here: http://www.3dlightfx.com/

We just redesigned our boys bedroom. The boys are both obsessed with Super Heroes so we did a mixture of Marvel and D C Comics heroes. When I've searched online for decor I've saw these amazing 3D lights highly recomended.  They are a must have this Holiday season in my household. The lights are cool to the touch, cordless ( love that I dont have to worry about hiding a danky cord) battery operated and included a crack sticker. I was surprised at how easy it was to get it all set up. The package includes a big sticker that you hand on the wall, there is a place directly in the middle that shows you exactly where to hand the light. Applying the sticker was probably the longest part ( but only took maybe 10 minutes). I was actually able to do it all myself. It has definitely made a great addition to to the boys bedroom.

 They have so many different options that your surely to find one for all of the kids. From Super Heroes and Star Wars to Princesses and MInions. 

                             Available for purchase at Target

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Scribbler 3D Pen

Scribbler 3D Pen is a tool for the creative minds of our generation. It allows you to build 3D objects from the ground up; build any and everything you can imagine with ultimate ease and precision. Scribbler 3D Pen has been significantly improved upon as compared to other models that already exist on the market.Art has been around since the dawn of time. Drawings; paintings; sculptures; it's all a way to express our love, emotion and feelings. And now, thanks to the Scribbler 3D Pen, we have a tool for the creative minds of our generation. Lightweight and easy to use, our 3D pen allows you to build 3D objects from the ground up with ease and precision. What to make a jet fighter? You can do that. Do you love unicorns? You can make that, too. The Scribbler 3D Pen comes with a unique speed control function that allows you to adjust plastic filament output so you can get the finer details in your art projects. If you're looking to add to your art kit or just want to expand your creativity, there's nothing quite as fun and unique as the Scribbler 3D pen. http://www.scribbler3dpen.com/

HERE'S HOW THE SCRIBBLER 3D PEN WORKS. The Scribbler 3D Pen uses filaments that you can extrude out of the nozzle/tip once they've been heated. As it exits the pen, it instantly cools and solidifies as you begin drawing your creation. This allows it to create a strong, stable foundation so you can continue building alone the way. The Scribbler 3D Pen Package includes: Scribbler 3D Pen V3 in selected color. USA Power Adapter UL Standard. 3x 1.75mm PLA Filament in different colors,10 feet per loop. Easy-to-Follow Instructions.

AMAZING 3D CREATIONS: Create unique and fantastic 3-D art straight out of your imagination. Draw vertically, horizontally, or make up your own style! You'll find that the only limit for your 3D pen is your own imagination. Scribbler 3D Pen V3 is NEWEST MODEL of 3D pen and includes all the latest features: LARGE OLED screen which gives the user complete control over all details of their drawing experience from temperature and feed settings to material type options.

3D ART MADE EASY: The Scribbler 3-D Drawing Pen is lightweight, easy to manage, and lets you release the perfect amount of filament for precision crafting and art. It also won't jam due to the premium unclogging feature. You can use ABS, PLA, FLEXIBLE, WOODEN, BRONZE, COPPER plastic filaments with our 3D Pen!

KIDS AND ADULTS WILL LOVE OUR SCRIBBLER 3D PEN: Whether you're an experienced artist, novice crafter, or exited hobbyist, our Scribbler 3D Pen is great for people of all ages. The best toy for boys or for girls, and a great gift for men and women who love tech or artsy toys, this is one pen you absolutely need! SafEvery pen comes with 3 FREE LOOPS of PLA plastic filament, fume free! http://www.scribbler3dpen.com/

EMBRACE YOUR CREATIVITY: Our art 3D pen is more than your average paintbrush, pencil or watercolor; it's a truly unique art tool that allows you to create dragons, ships, superhero logos, and so much more. Give in to your creative side and make something that truly wows people. Safety functions include: Ceramic Nozzle - much safer compared to copper nozzle from other manufacturers; automatic shut-off after a couple minutes of non-use for your safety.

My readers get to save!
Save $35 with usfamilyguide coupon! - Use coupon code "usfamilyguide" during checkout at scribbler3dpen.com to get $35 off your order of Scribbler 3D Pen!
http://usfamilycoupons.com/coupon.php?regionid=75&bid=13130&dealid=3053 .@usfg

Holiday Giveaway

                                      Multiple Prizes and Winners

Newman's Own product assortment- 2 winners
KinderGlo Night Lights- 2 winners will pick night light of their choice
Cuddle Barn product assortment- 2 winners
Miraculous: Tales of Ladybuig & Cat Noir prize package pictured below- 1 winner
ALEX Brand Toy- 1 winner (product will be a surprise)

Hosted by: Gobble It Up Reviews and Free For All Fans
Sponsored by: Newman's Own, KinderGlo & Cuddle Barn

Winners List- (names appear same as on giveaway forms) Check your email!!!
Cuddle Barn- Ashley Reed and John Jenkins
Alex Toys- Martin J.
Kinderglo- Mary Gardner and Teresa A.
Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir- Ashley T.
Newmans Own- Barbara Rife and Ben C.

Sponsors will be responsible for fulfillment. ALEX and Miraculous prizes will be fulfilled by hosts. 

Tommee Tippee

The Simplee Diaper Pails film contains an antibacterial ingredient that kills germs.Odors are contained in the multi layer film and smart lid. It holds up to 18 diapers, reducing trips out side to the trash bin, but it's still small enough to be located in a nursery cupboard or discreet location in the bathroom. Simply open the lid, push the diaper through the smart lid and close. One simple action and the diaper disposed of into an antibacterial, ordor blocking film. The film actually kills 99% of all germs on contact. Each refill cartridge can dispose of 180 diapers. Available in multiple color options, 

With Closer to Nature Feeding Bottles, switching between breast and bottle feeding becomes easier than ever before. Tommee Tippee has designed the unique, easy-latch-on nipple shape with breastfeeding experts to mimic the natural flex, stretch and movement of mom’s breast. Together with the bottle’s super-sensitive Easi-Vent valve, this encourages your baby’s intuitive feeding action for comfortable, relaxed feeding. Closer to Nature bottles are intuitively designed for easier, more natural feeding. The bottle features a uniquely soft, superwide nipple that naturally flexes and stretches like the breast, and the natural shape lets baby latch on effortlessly, easing transitions between breast and bottle and allowing mom to successfully combine breast and bottle feeding.

Key Features
Unique, easy-latch-on nipple shape
Super-sensitive valve
Soft, natural-feel silicone nipple
Easy-hold bottle with slow-flow nipple

Tommee Tippee pacifiers have a symmetrical orthodontic nipple which has been specially designed to encourage your little one to take it, and according to independent tests more babies do accept them first time. The pacifiers are similar to tommee tippee's signature bottle line and use a nipple that is similar to the Mother's breast. They are specially designed for baby acceptance from the first attempt. They feature a symmetrical orthodontic shape and a traditional shield style with fun modern designs. Tommee Tippee pacifiers are made from BPA and phthalate-free silicone.
They are available in three sizes 0-3 months, 0-6 months an 6-18 months. The pacifiers come in both boy and girl colors and re dishwasher/sterilizer safe.

Features Include:
Specifically designed for baby acceptance from the first attempt
Symmetrical orthodontic shape
Traditional shield style with moderate but understated designs
BPS and phthalate-free silicone
Available in 3 sizes/age stages 0-3, 0-6 and 6-18M
In boy, girl, and gender neutral colors and styles
Dishwasher and sterilizer safe

Milk Feeding Bib
Between the two layers of terry cloth is absorbent extra padding designed to catch any drools or spills. I've found this dribble catcher prevents milk from running down under my baby's neck. These bibs are large, which is great. They catch everything, they are also super soft and very absorbent. This is great because, not only will it keep baby's clothes and skin dry, but it will help prevent rashes and redness. They are easy to clean, but that real plus about these bibs is the large rounded collar. This larger collar is soft and plush like to stay close to your baby's chin and prevent milk from dripping down into the baby's chin and neck.

Key Features
Protecting baby’s sensitive skin from leaks and spills
Unique dribble catcher absorbs moisture
Easy to use Velcro® fastening
Protects clothing from stains and smells
Ideal for teething
Suitable for babies 0 months +
Available in cream, pink and blue

Visit Tommee Tippee Here

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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

KinderGlo Night Light

KinderGlo Night Lights are:


  • Rechargeable–no money wasted replacing batteries!
  • Easy for little hands to hold and carry
  • Last for 8-10 hours of soft, soothing light so kids can keep their buddies in bed with them all night


  • Powered with LED lights that are never hot to the touch
  • Automatically power on if knocked from the charging base or if charging during a power outage
  • Made with phthalate, BPA & lead free materials

Fun (and easy to use!)

  • Choose from a variety of cute, comforting characters
  • Simple for kids to use all by themselves
  • Single button allows you to choose between auto-off after 30 minutes or continuous lighting. You can also choose between:

Continuously changing color cycle

Or, for those who prefer solid colors
just red…  just blue…  just green… 

 My boys love night lights. Although they still sleep with my husband and I ( yes even at 9 and 5 years old) they still get a little spooked at night and need some sort of light. I've tried leaving the hallway light on and the door cracked, but it annoys me and I cant get a winks sleep. Thankfully I stumbled upon KinderGlo night lights. I love that they are bright enough to keep the boys satisfied but not so bright that the whole room is lit up. They had so many cute designs to choose from but the boys love Dinosaurs so I got the Brontosaurus. The lights change from green to blue and red or can be set to one color. The kids love watching the colors as they drift of to sleep each night. Ity's pretty good at helping them relax. Each night light comes with a sleek blue charging dock. You can leave it hooked up and just charge it and take the light off. The KinderGlo night light makes the perfect addition to our Holiday Gift Guide. 

KinderGlo is offering one of our lucky readers the opportunity to win a night light of their choice. ( subject to availability) Check out our Holiday Giveaway post to enter. If you dont want to wait then please use code GIU2016 to get 20% off of your order.

I received a sample for review purposes only. All opinions stated are my own and may differ from others. No financial compensation was received.

Magic Bullet Baby Bullet and Turbo Steamer Review #HGG

Moms always have the best intentions when it comes to their babies. You have so many plans and expectations when it comes to the care you want to provide for them, their health and safety. Thats why it's so important to monitor what we put into their itty bitty tummies. With my oldest kids I didnt really worry about making my own baby food. I was a first time Mom, learning everything for the first time and quite frankly just thought it was easier to buy jars of baby food to feed the baby.
Fast forward a few years to my youngest child when I realized the importance of making our own food. I was older, wiser and determined. Now, Im not going to lie and say my family eats all organic, grow our own food etc, but I will say I'm trying to make sure we eat healthier. So, when a close family friend recomended the Baby Bullet I was pretty excited to try it.

The kit came with an impressive 20 pieces, including several happy looking plastic parts. It also comes with a really useful book on what foods baby can eat at what ages and some neat recipes. It's also BPA free which is always a huge plus. There isn't much better than knowing exactly what goes into your little ones tummy. With the baby bullet you know what nutrients they are getting. I love seeing the bright, vibrant colors of the fruits and veggies I add. My sons favorite food I made was apples mixed with sweet potatoes. I peel and cut up the potatoes into small cubes and steam or boil them for a few minutes so that they are easier to blend. Peel and cut up the apples and add them with the sweet potatoes into the blender and Voila!!!
If you dont have time to make the food fresh every day you can use the plastic jars or trays that come in the kit and keep them in the fridge, pull it out when baby gets hungry. Use the handy dial on the side of the jars to remember exactly what day you made it or what day it will expire.

A perfect pairing with the Magic Bullet Baby Bullet is the Baby Bullet Turbo Steamer. I use it to not only steam our food but also to sanitize the babies nipples and pacifiers. I'm a little obsessive when it comes to sanitizing nipples and paccy's, so many germs out there :)
Whether your a first time Mom, or a Mom to multiple I highly recomend the Magic Bullet Baby Bullet and Turbo Steamer. There is never a reason to not feed your family healthy, especially when it's this simple.


If your interested in learning more about these Baby Bullet products please check out the website Here

I received a product sample in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. All opinions are my own and may differ from others. No financial compensation was received. 

Monday, November 7, 2016


Play Visions introduces Floof, the new white, soft and smooth, lighter than air, moldable and stackable ocreated by the makers of Sands Alive. Floof looks like snow, feels like marshmallows, molds like clay, and can be reused every single day.

With Floof, the creations are limitless: from snowmen, to lions, to castles or trees. The process is simple; just mold, shape, stack and decorate. All of your creations including your highest towers or tallest snowmen will stand tall and will not topple over due to the compounds composite. The compound is stronger and sturdier to support all of your creations.

My boys ages 4 and half and 9 years old have played with their Floof all day. They love the snowman accessories that came with their kit. Unlike Playdoh Floof doesn't dry out so I don't have to go behind them every few minutes and make sure it's put up. They've made snowmen, volcanoes and walls for their super hero figures. It's been an exciting day of seeing so many creations. I love that they are using their imaginations and having hands-on play rather than spending all day on electronics. My 9 year old has always suffered from sensory issues. He use to never touch stuff like this. Last year we were able to review Sands Alive and he loved it. He loves Floof just as much. I enjoy seeing him put his hands in stuff like this and go to town :) It's a huge accomplishment. He see's it as playing and having fun, I see it as fun therapy!!

Flood is non toxic, easy to clean, water soluble and will never dry out.

Floof sets come with a variety of tools and accessories. Sets include: Mr. and Mrs. Snowman, Polar Babies, Snowball Maker, S'more Party, Sunny Day Cloud and the Flood Bucket. The S'mores maker has been a huge hit. The boys love sitting down together and pretending they are camping and roasting marshmallows.

"We wanted to create a product that would give people the familiar sense
of Sands Alive but with an
innovative twist" Said Mark Chernick, Executive Director, Play Visions. "Floof's texture and design allow for smoother creations of even bigger heights. We are excited to see how fans will explore and build."

                                       Purchase on Amazon
             Check out Floof and other products from Play Visions

Friday, November 4, 2016

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 16 inch Bike #HGG

Go, go, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Shredder does not stand a chance when your little rider gets on board and is ready to ride the Boys 16 inch Schwinn Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Bike. This is just what you pictured as their first kid bike. They will love that all their Turtle friends are on board and there is lots of riding fun. With a coordinating chain guard, seat, training wheels, face plate and tube graphics. Plus the seat has an easy adjust lever so the seat height can be changed without tools for a fast growing child. You will never have to leave weapons behind because you now have a built in holster that lets you carry all of your ninja fighting gear with you.

My boys are big TMNT fans. They have all of the costumes and weapons, action figures and movies. All that was left was this super cool bike. They where shocled when they cam home and saw it sitting in the yard waiting on them. Assembly was super easy and only took my husband a few minutes. Within 15 minutes my youngest had his TMNT weapons attached to the holster and he was off fighting crime :) Imagine how excited the kids would be to come in Chrostmas morning and find this bike sitting in front of the tree waiting on them!!

Heroes in a half shell, Turtle Power!! Your favorite heroes are at one of your favorite stores. Find all of your turtle needs in the Toys R Us Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Shop

I was provided a product sample for review purposes only. All opinions stated are my own and may differ from others. No financial compensation was received. 

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Ruby's Rubbish Review #HGG

Christmas without Ruby's Rubbish just doesn't sound much like Christmas, does it? If you have read my previous review then you know I've quickly became obsessed with all of their clothing. I'm all about comfort, and yes, I even chose comfort over style, but what I love about Ruby's Rubbish is that I can have comfort AND style with their amazing tees.
I'm from the South, born and raised. So, ofcourse I have tons of camo in my wardrobe. What country girl doesn't love camo, right? If your looking to add some camo to your Fall and Winter wardrobe look no further than the Deerly Blessed-Christian Baseball Tee. A unisex fit made of a pre shrunk polly/cotton blend with camouflage print sleeves, a rack of deer antlers in the front with Deerly Blessed underneath. If your not a country girl your gonna feel a bit country with this cute tee. Dress it up or down with some leggings and nice boots.

Being the awesome wife that I am I felt it was a must to include the My Husband-Fun Baseball Tee in my wardrobe. This adorable tee (available in a multitude of colors) has the perfect slogan front and center "MY HUSBAND HAS A FREAKIN AWESOME WIFE, TRUE STORY". How cute is this for a wonderful wife like myself? I don;t have alot of white shirts (kids, need I say more)  so I chose to go with the white shirt and black sleeves. Ofcourse like all authentic pieces from Ruby's Rubbish it comes with the oh so adorable shoulder tag on the back right shoulder. Ruby's Rubbish also sell mens and kids clothes

A word from the creators:

What makes our clothes special is how we approach the creative process; it’s all heart over here at Ruby’s Rubbish. Every shirt is an adventure, a moment of our lives bottled and preserved in a cotton T. As wives, mothers, and women we’ve all had a day where we’re just a “Sweet Southern Mess”, and Lord knows every day we’re “Deerly Blessed”. From ball games to road trips, the best moments in life happen in our T-Shirts; at Ruby’s Rubbish you’ll find your very best moments, and with a little luck, create some new ones along the way! Isn't life such a beautiful mess?

Hannah and Laci

Get Social with Ruby's Rubbish

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Solve iQ

  Solve iQ Makes Global Tech Support Available to Anyone With a PC With the millions of Americans working from home over the past 12 months ...