Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Getting Bean Boozled

Skunk spray, moldy cheese and vomit flavored jelly bellys are something I never thought I'd be trying. I'm a very competitive person however, so if eating dog food flavored jelly belly's means I can win then I'm all in.
Bean Boozled is a game designed to where two jelly beans look identical, but have completely different
flavors. For example, a brown jelly belly may be chocolate pudding flavor, or it could be canned dog food flavor. The best part is there is absolutely no way of knowing until you bite into it.
If youre playing with a large group of people the best way to play is divide the jelly bellys into groups of identical colors and let everyone choose one jelly belly from each color group. Have one person to give out instructions such as " everyone eat your peach jelly belly," Will you get a yummy peach flavor or a barf flavor?? You wont know until you try :)
If you get the yucky flavor jelly belly and you manage to chew it, swallow and keep it down then you get 2 points ( you can do it,champ) If you chew it up but spit it out you only get 1 point, and if you got a "normal" flavor you get 0 points.
My youngest son, almost 5 years old was way to excited to play the game. He was a good sport until he got a big ol taste of toothpaste. After that he said he was only playing if he got the "yummy" jelly bellys. I agreed and laughed and laughed each time he continued biting into the bad flavored jelly bellys :) All in all I think this is a wonderful game for young kids and adults. Gather up a group of friends and be prepared to Get Bean Boozled !!!

Check out Jelly Belly for more information and to find out where to purchase your own.

Gobble It Up Reviews received samples for review purposes only. All opinions are my own. 

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