Friday, July 29, 2016

Amazing Cell Phone Deals on Groupon #Groupon #Ad

These days one of the must have items on your list, whether your a parent, young adult, teen or grandparent, is a cell phone. Not only are they incredible to have in cases of emergency, like being stranded beside the road with a flat tire ( happens to the best of us, right?) running out of gas, or your kids needing to reach you. We'd all be lost without technology would't we? Cell phones are also just a pretty cool thing to have. You can log on to the net while your waiting at a doctors appointment and get caught up on your emails. Turn on some YouTube for your toddler while your trying to eat your food at the restaurant. Or if your like me, you can use it to browse your social media accounts when your bored.
As amazing as cell phones are, they are also crazy expensive. It seems every year companies are coming out with newer, better versions of the New phone we just bought last year. Ofcourse most people feel the need to update their phones as soon as possible. I know some can afford to do this, but myself and most people I know simply can't afford to waste hundreds of dollars a year on new phones. When you have kids it's even harder. Kids as young as 10 years old are showing up with their own cell phones these days. When one kid sees their friend with one they automatically think it's time for them to have one. I do see the benefits of this, it's great knowing our kids have a means of communication at their fingertips, but I don't necessarily feel like parents should spend hundreds of dollars on a phone for their young kids.
When browsing the web for the best prices on cell phones, I came across Groupon. One of their best sellers is refurbished Apple Iphone 4S for only $64.99. The GSM is also unlocked meaning you can use any carrier. They also have the Samsung Notes for just $89.99. That is amazing! You can save yourself hundreds of dollars by purchasing your smartphones on Groupon.
Take my advice and save yourself alot of money by heading over to Groupon Goods. Groupon may be the best place to find yourself a new phone, but they are also a great resource for saving money on other products, retailers and destinations.

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Sunday, July 3, 2016

Summer Fun with Oriental Trading

It's officially summer time! What's your favorite thing about summer? Is it swimming, camping or maybe vacation? I love all of the above, but my favorite is getting quality time with my family. With school being out we get to spend our days with the kids. A big hassle with summer is often just trying to find games or activities to keep the kids occupied.
Oriental Trading is my go-to shop for summer fun. They have so many games, crafts and party supplies that your bound to find everything you need to keep the kids busy.
My boys love games and they are very competitive. The Summer Fun Ladder Ball Game is perfect for them. Its great for the back yard or even at the beach. It's easy to pack up and go.

Another great outdoor game is the Inflatable Limbo Kit. Limbo is an all time classic that almost everyone has heard of. What I love about this version is that it's inflatable. You can take it anywhere and when your done just let the air out and store it. If your thinking of having a Luau theme party then be sure to check out Oriental Trading for all of your party needs.

For those boring or rainy days, the day you want to sit and the house and relax, try some crafts. Crafts are a fun way to keep the kids occupied. The Color Your Own Fish Beach Balls is a fun craft with that summer twist. When the kids are done with their ball send that out to the pool to enjoy their finished product.

Start planning your summer now with Oriental Trading. Whatever your wants or needs, your sure to find it all in one place.




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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Back to School with Crayola


It's almost time for school to start back and I'm already seeing Back To School Supply Lists posted all over the internet. Is it just me or is there alot of supplies? I don't remember needing all of this stuff for school. Times have changed and so have supplies I assume :) One brand you can be sure your kids are going to need is Crayola. Whether its crayons, markers or colored pencils, your kids are almost guaranteed to need Crayola products.Crayola products are a must with back to school. I grew up using Crayola products and my children will to. It's an iconic brand that we all know and trust. From a big box of 96 crayons, to the 8 pack of Shopkins crayons, Twistable crayons and Power Line Markers, Crayola has it all. One of the many reasons Crayola is a friend to our household is because of the quality of product. I always know what I'm getting what I pay for with them. The vibrant colors and durable product has always made Crayola stand out. With a toddler in the home I also love the washable markers. I mean, what parent hasn't had to wipe markers of the walls? I love that they actually wipe off like they say they will. Crayola is the brand I know and trust. Let them help you get the kids ready for school with their amazing products! 


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