Friday, June 24, 2016

Nancy B's Science Club Bug Discovery Lab & Incredible Insects Journal

Nancy B's Science Club Bug Discovery Lab & Incredible Insects Journal has everything a young explorer might need to collect, observe and learn about bugs! Let them dig into a fascinating world of insects and entomology. Not only does it stimulate the interest for entomology but it also provides hands-on experience with insect life cycles, anatomy, metamorphosis and more. While the journaling activities can help create and bring out creativity in your child.

 Educational Insights has always been one of my favorite resources for great educational tools and toys. When my boys received the Bug Discovery Lab & Incredible Insects Journal I knew right away they would love it. The colors of the products gave it a childlike feel while the designs made it feel a little more grown-up. Most kids are naturally interested in bugs and insects, so this kit is a great way to dig in deeper and guide kids in observing and learning what they are seeing. My boys are typical boys boys. They love insects and dirt. One of the first things my youngest son wanted to do when he got the kit was to catch a worm. So he caught one and put it in the Pit Trap container. He loved watching it through out the day. Every few minutes he would go back to check on it and eventually let it loose. Another thing we loved doing was catching lightning bugs. Its something we spend alot of our late evenings doing as a family. The boys loved filling up the Portable Bug Terrarium. They had it filled with lightning bugs. Ofcourse they thought it would be awesome to keep it in their room overnight, so i obliged (and let the lightning bugs loose when they fell asleep) I can tell this kit is going to make for an interesting summer. I'm hoping we can find some of the insects or bugs mentioned in the journal. So far we've had no such look, but I'm sure the boys will keep a good eye out :)

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The Set Includes:
Portable Bug Terrarium with soft plastic handle, built-in 2x and 3x magnifiers, breathing holes, and mirrored bottom.
Pit Trap with funnel, designed specifically to attract and catch insects.
Exclusive, one-of-a-kind Bug Catcher with easy insect catch-and-release, and breathing holes for up-close observation.
22 page activity journal

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I received product in exchange for my honest opinion. All views are my own and where not influenced in anyway. No financial compensation was exchanged.

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  1. We love Nancy Bs Products they have some amazing educational toys.


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