Thursday, February 18, 2016

Crayola My Way

Crayola products are always on my list for Easter Basket Stuffers, stocking stuffers and birthdays. There easy to find, kids love them and there useful. Crayola has surely outdone themselves this year by releasing Crayola My Way. With Crayola My Way we are able to personalize 8 count or 64 count boxes of crayons or a complete art kit. Theres the option to use your kids picture and name or just leave a personalized message for birthdays,Easter, Christmas etc. You can also pick your own colors. If your kids are obsessed with blue you can get a whole box of different shades of blue (or whatever color you choose). The Art Kit (pictured below) is my favorite. Its around $50 and includes a whole set of markers and colored pencils in a nice case you can personalize how ever you wish.

I decided to order the 64 count box of Crayons so that I could use them in my boys Easter Baskets. I chose a nice, clear picture of the two of them together and had their names, Logan and Ashton, put underneath. I was pleasantly surprised at how well the quality of the picture is on the box. I can't wait to see my boys reaction when they realize their picture is on a box of crayons. The 8 count boxes would be perfect for classroom parties or gifts. You can add a sweet, personalized message for the kids.

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