Tuesday, January 19, 2016

4 Apps to Help You Beat the Winter Blues

Stuck inside on frigid days? 4 apps to help you beat those Winter blues.

Waking up to snowfall and bone-chilling temperatures isn't fun. A day snowed in, or yet another delayed commute, can mean lots of boredom. But, does it have to? There are tons of things to keep you busy- besides shoveling!
For the apps you need to make the most of your freezing, snow-filled days, look no further:

- Babbel.  Easily  learn a new language on your computer, smartphone, or tablet. Download the app and choose from 14 different languages. With more than 8,500 hours of learning material with conversational-style lessons say ciau, au revior, adios and auf wiedersehen to boredom!!

- Trip Advisor.  Beat the Winter blues by planning your vacation. Whether you want to sip tropical drinks beachside, or practice your newfound language skills by immersing yourself in another country's culture, plan an escape from the piles of snow sitting in your front yard.

- Postmates.  When the temperatures are to chilly but your fridge is empty, what do you do? Postmates to the rescue! Get your favorite foods delivered straight to your door; we promise we won't tell if you answer dressed in your jammies.

- Pinterest.  DIY has never been easier. Take over the kitchen to create a meal fit for a queen or create artwork exposing your inner Van Gogh. Get inspired to go outside your comfort zone and create something new!

How do you spend your snow days? Have any apps you want to recommend? Sound off in the comments

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