Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Super Hero Party

  Something I love doing is planning birthday parties. It can get expensive,that's probably the scariest part. We all want our kids to have memorable birthday parties, but we dont expect to have to mortgage our homes to do so. I'm about to give you some great DIY ideas using items you have at home or can get very cheap.
  My son wanted a BatMan and Super Man theme for his 7th birthday party. Hes a Heart Warrior, so I only found it fitting to have a "Super Hero" theme including all super heroes. It ended up being the coolest party we have had to date. (hopefully to be out done by the Carnival theme party this week)

The Birthday Banner was handmade by my sons grandmother, and looked better than any birthday banner I've ever saw being sold at stores. She used free batman templates from online and some cardstock paper she already had. The letters were traced from a pack of letters bought at the Dollar Store for $1. She glued the letters on the card stock paper, hole puncher to punch holes for the yarn to go through and that was that.

This table hold s the photo props and treat bags for the kids. The bags were purchased at Wal-Mart for 10 cents a bag. I got all of the party favors from the Dollar Tree,packs of plastic rings,whistles, yo`yos etc. I used a hole puncher to punch holes at the top then tied with ribbon i found laying around the house.The photo props were all handmade by me. I bought a pack of the long, colored craft sticks from Wal-Mart for less than $3. And a pack of card stock which cost about the same. I looked online for some ides and pulled up pictured of mustaches, lips, hats, bow ties, and drew them out myself then traced and cut from the card stock paper. Then glued them on the sticks with regular elmers school glue. The photo prop sign was a free template online, we just printed it and used a frame we already had. The barbell weight prop was made with 2 pieces of  styrofoam on the ends of a broom stick cut in half. They wee then painted black and we wrote on each end 200lbs in white paint. My mother in law,who is great at crafty things, handmade some BatMan and Wonder Woman masks from felt fabric. She found the step by step how to guide online for free. I did purchase a pack of Super Hero masks from Birthday Express for around $4.

I also purchased a New York City backdrop. I thought it fit well with the Super Hero Theme. It was $5 from Birthday Express. The building were used in front of the back drop to give it more of a big City feeling. The buildings were a favorite of mine. Once again I have to thank my mother in law for that. They looked awesome and where pretty easy to make. She got all of the boxes for free from friends and family or family or just asking for them at local stores. She covered them with card stock paper. Cut out the squares for windows,glued them on. And all of the pictures on them were printed online for free. We just googled "free super hero templates". The kids loved using these a prop,pretending to fly over the city.

Once again thanks to free templates online for the cupcakes. All of the designs on the cupcake wrappers and toppers were printed online for free, They were then all cut out and glued onto card stock paper. The toppers were glued onto small sucker sticks that you can usually find in the baking section of many stores. The others are petty self explanatory, marshmallows dipped in blue sprinkles and stuck on a sucker stick. Then suckers with super hero capes. These are pretty common and a lot of parents fix these for there kids to take to school for parties or whatever. The things the suckers and marshmallow suckers are sitting on were made out of boxes. You can use wrapping paper,construction paper or card stock paper. Just tape or glue the paper and add you own stickers,draw on them etc. Then punch some holes in them to stick you items through. Its a little easier if you have the extra money to purchase some styrofoam to add inside the box, this will help everything to stand up straight.

One of the games we played was a version of musical chairs. Instead of using chairs we cut out big squares from construction paper. On all of them but one piece we put a BatMan symbol. we played music and when the music stopped the person who wasn't standing on a BatMan symbol was out. 
The signs were all handmade from poster board from the Dollar Tree and hand drawn. The picture for the gift table was also hand drawn. The biggest expense ended up being the cake and the venue. But with the money we saved on decor we were able to splurge a little with those things. There are so many DIY ideas all over the web for throwing a memorable but cheap birthday party.

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