Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Cuddle Barn

Cuddle Barn is a leading designer and manufacturer of animated plush creations. With over 30 years  experience, they are committed to providing unique products. Their collection features high quality materials, cutting edge animation, and entertaining new sounds. There are so many different animals and toys that you can choose from that each family member can be surprised with something different. 
Stuffed animals are always one of my go-to gift ideas. Kids can never have to many stuffed animals and theres so many different kinds to choose from that your sure to find the perfect one for that special kid in your life.

Farmer Mac was one of the items I picked out for review. My son loves cows so I knew this would be a hit. Farmer Mac sings and dances to "Old Macdonald" dressed in his overalls, flannel shirt and hankerchief. Old Macdonald is a classic that all the kids know so ofcourse my son was ecstatic that his stuffed animal could sing along with him. He is super soft and fluffy and has made an awesome bed time pal for my little boy.

Gallop the horse was another stuffed animal i received. This little fellar walks and gallops all over the place when you push his ear. You can also push the other ear to hear a cowboy saying to "Giddy Up" along with other sayings. Gallop has also had alot of fun with our Elf on the Shelf. We've woke up a couple mornings with Elfie riding on Gallops back, or both of them hiding in the toy room etc. 

Dr.Charlie is an 11 inch Monkey with a stethoscope that activates dancing and singing about different parts of the body. Dr.Charlie is one of my favorites because not only is he adorable but hes teaching my son as they play. You can touch the stethoscope to his ear and hear him saying "That's my ear,I use it to hear" and then he sings a cute song about your ears. This is the same for his hands, feet, tummy, heart, nose and head. 
You can watch the video of Dr.Charlie the Monkey  Here.
Cuddle Barn has singing and dancing  plush animals to gift for all occasions.  All Cuddle Barn pricing include domestic shipping charges and all applicable sales tax. They try to ensure shipping within 48 hours of receiving your order on In-Stock merchandise. Cuddle Barn offers a 100% customer service policy for defective items. If you your looking for quality and workmanship this is the place to buy from. Check out there website and see the amazing cuteness going on or have a look on YouTube for videos of all of their merchandise.

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