Friday, December 18, 2015

Cloud Pets

Cloud Pets, A message you can hug. Cloud Pets can send and receive messages from anywhere in the world. You can record and send messages using the Cloud Pets app.
A parent or loved one at home gets the message on their Cloud Pets app and then approves it and then delivers it wirelessly to the Cloud Pet. When the Cloud Pet has a message, its heart blinks, you just squeeze its paw and the message plays.
Record a message by squeezing the paw. The message goes wirelessly to a nearby device. From there, it can be delivered to a Cloud Pets friend anywhere in the world. Cloud Pets are perfect for kids whose parents travel alot or when grandparents live far away. Its a beautiful way for families to keep in touch. Cloud Pets are a must have this Holiday Season.

With Cloud Pets you can also watch your little one drift to sleep with sweet sounds of lullabies, or listen along to stories. Cloud Pets also offer interactive games everyone can enjoy.

                                             Visit the Cloud Pets Website
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