Monday, December 7, 2015

Air Warriors

Air Warriors from Buzz Bee Toys are sure to be a hit this Christmas. I was recently sent the a mixture of different Air Warrior toy guns. My boys ages 4 and 8 loved the water guns they received over the summer so I knew these would be a hit. To me, the best part about the Air Warrior toy guns is that the darts are Styrofoam with a small suction cup on the end. With little ones you can never be to cautious and toys with darts would be rather easy to hit someone or themselves in the eye, so the material of the darts are very important. Buzz Bee definitely kept safety issues in mind when creating the darts.

The Ultra Tek was one of the boys favorites. There small and lightweight. They loved having two of them so that they each had the exact same. With pull-back blasting action, indexing barrels, clips anywhere and each gun includes 3 foam darts.

The Ultra Tek Brute has a motorized clip fed long distance blaster which shoots up to 75 feet. It includes 20 long distance suction cupped darts and all Ultra Tek clips are interchangeable.

The Ultra Tek Sentinel was pretty cool in my opinion. It was a little to big for my 4 year old, he had a hard time reaching his arms far enough to shoot it while holding. It has a lever, is clip fed and blasts up to 72 feet. It includes 8 long distance suction cupped darts and an 8 dart clip.

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  1. These look really cool.I just know my son will get a kick out of them.I'm definitely going to check them out thanks to this review.


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