Saturday, November 21, 2015

USAopoly Games

Games,Games, Games and more games. Games are always on my Christmas list for the kids. Whether its the new "It" game all the kids are talking about or the classics that have been around since I was a child. Two of the games on our list this year are from USAopoly, America's favorite games with a twist. They offer a wide range of games from Monopoly and Scrabble to new games like Wonky.

Wonky is the fun filled card game of building wobbly towers with odd shaped blocks. Trip up your opponets as you stack a large block on a small one and make the tower wobble! Then watch your friends and family squirm as they place the next block. When it's your turn-reverse play for paybacks. Be the first player to get rid of all your cards without topping over the tower and you win!! Wonky, the Crazy Cubes Card Game makes a lot of family fun.

TacDex Super Mario is like WAR like you've never played it before. Players duel to the finish with their favorite Super Mario characters. The included Battle Marker shifts the power to determine whether high or low card will win each round. Special Action Cards add new challenges to game play so not two games are alike! Each card features classic Super Mario characters like Mario, Luigi, Bowser, Peach and more. The player with the most cards wins!!!

Check out games like Wonky and TacDex Super Mario and more on USAopoly HERE

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