Thursday, October 5, 2017

Ninja Coffee Bar System #HGG

Have you had your morning cup of coffee yet? I have, and it was the best cup of coffee I've ever had. I just used my Ninja Coffee Bar for the first time and I'm blown away. When it comes to coffee and caffeine that's something I take very seriously. My day don't begin until I've had my morning cup. I'm pretty sure the Ninja Coffee Bar may be a life changer. Do you crave that delicious cup of coffee but can't seem to get it quite right? It may be time for you to try the Ninja Coffee Bar.

The Ninja Coffee Bar comes complete with the main coffee machine, Ninja Easy Frother, Ninja Measuring Spoon, glass carafe, reusable filter and easy-to-use instructions for setting up your machine, helpful tips and a free booklet with coffee recipes. It has a removable water reservoir that twists right off. You fill it up with water and twist it back on. No more spilling water all over the counter. There is a control panel that's clearly labeled and laid out to ensure you will have no problem choosing your brew. You have options to choose what ever strength you desire.

1: Classic Brew-Hot, rich and smooth balanced flavor
2: Rich Brew- Bolder,robust, more intense flavor which stands up to milk, cream and flavorings.
3: Over Ice Brew- Brews fresh, hot coffee over ice that is 2x concentrated, so it won;t get watered down.
4: Specialty Brew- The strongest option at 3x more concentrated perfect for Cappuccino, Lattee and Flat white. Also ideal for blended drinks.

 Warming Tray- has special sensors that keep the remaining coffee warmed at the perfect temperature.
For simplicity, the general brew sizes are a 9.5 oz. cup, 11.5 oz. XL cup, 14 oz. travel mug, 18 oz travel or multi-serve, half carafe or full carafe.
  • The coffee maker that put Ninja on the map per their website: Carafe with Pod-Free Single Serve, also known as the Coffee Bar – is exactly as its title states. You can brew a carafe or a single cup. Your four sizes are: half carafe, full carafe, 9.5oz cup or travel size. Your brew options are Classic, Rich, Over-Ice, or Specialty. This is their first machine so to speak and would be great for anyone who simply wants to brew coffee. You can make specialty coffees, it just doesn’t have the built-in frother.
  • The next models are consider their Coffee Bar “Systems”. The Pod-free Single Serve System has the same cube style design as all the “system” models, but a smaller foot-print. You can brew a single cup, XL cup, Travel and Multi-Serve sizes. There’s no carafe with this model. Your brew options with the single serve model are Classic, Rich, Over-Ice, Specialty or Cafe Forte. This model includes a built in scoop. There’s no frother. You can purchase a separate hand forther called theNinja Easy Frother though.
  • Last but DEFINITELY not the least (in terms of features) – the Ninja Carafe System with Pod-free Single Serve is the model I purchased and what I’ll be talking about today.  This model is essentially the single serve and carafe packed into one nice design. It’s the full featured model. It comes in either a glass carafe with intelligent sensing warming plate or a double walled stainless steel carafe, less the warming sensor. I opted for the glass and warming sensor. I personally feel glass is just a bit cleaner than stainless and I don’t know what grade stainless steel they use. This mode features 6 sizes; single cup, XL cup, Travel and Multi-Serve, half carafe and full carafe. There’s Classic, Rich, Over-Ice, Specialty and Cafe Forte brew types. A built-in hot and cold frother , a 50 oz reservoir and a built-in scoop. The items in bold are unique to this model, vs the “Coffee Bar” model.
  • The Ninja Coffee Bars all in one machine has options for every kind of coffee drinker. It's no longer necessary to spend $5 for a cup of coffee or Lattee. At the touch of one button you can select your size ( a cup, travel mug, half pot of the carafe, or a whole pot) and the machine draws exactly the right amount of water for you. It's the perfect new product to add to your kitchen. It even reminds you when it needs cleaned by alerting you.
  • Includes:
  • 10-Cup (50 oz.) Glass Carafe
  • 10-Cup (50 oz.) Ninja Over Ice Carafe (optional accessory)
  • Built-In Frother
  • 20-Recipe Inspiration Guide
  • Ninja Smart Scoop
  • Ninja XL Hot & Cold® 22 oz. Multi-Serve Tumbler
  • Permanent Reusable Filter
  • Removable Water Reservoir

           Check out more Ninja Kitchen Products HERE

I received a sample for review purposes only. All opinions are my own and may differ from others. 


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  2. This looks like a fab machine - I have a tassimo and miss not having a frother Cathy A. Powell

  3. I am a huge ninja fan so it was natural for me to jump on this coffee maker.. I love coffee and have gone through quite a few coffee makers and electric milk frother at home. One thing I really like about the Ninja Coffee Bar is that in the morning I can brew the coffee directly into my travel mug, grab it and run out the door.

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