Friday, November 27, 2015

Size Styler #Sponsored

This wonderful new website is set to revolutionise the way clothes are bought.

How many times have you tried on jeans in one store only for them to barely pull over your thighs and then as you move along to another store the same size is falling off you? This happens to me everytime I go to buy clothing. I'll go in store and try on a size 4 for instance, they will fit great so I buy the same size at the next store. Then when I get home and try them on they don't fit. Its been almost impossible when online shopping because I have no idea how there going to fit. Its annoying and time consuming.

When you compare UK sizes they are different by retailer and it is quite astounding! You can see more on the chart below. Looking at this is it any wonder we struggle to know what size we are, particularly when online shopping. Online returns are also high for this very reason. With this new site the road is paved for retailers to lower returns when selling online-Forever.

Mike Bailey could not understand why sizes were so different between retailers and why universal sizing wasn't possible across the UK retail landscape. He wanted to find a solution as to why UK consumers were forced to remember their size in each store, and so Size Styler was born!

Size Styler works by taking your body measurements in a simple process that takes only a few moents, and then allows you to shop from items that will fit you properly. Now do you understand why we said it is revolutionary- who could ask for more.

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