Monday, November 9, 2015

Robo Turtle

Robo Turtle is a water-activated robotic sea turtle that swims around with lifelike motions. The set includes a turtle bowl, a rock formation and a robo turtle. (additional robo turtles can also be purchased separately)  Assembly for this is very easy., Fill the bowl up to the top of the rock formations doorway, and place the robo turtle in the water. Once it's sensors detect the water, the turtle will start to swim around. Simply remove the turtle from water to turn it off. Robo Turtle can also walk on land simply by rubbing your finger across the bottom.

With Robo Turtle being a lot like a real sea turtle kids will love watching him swim around, It'll feel as if they have their own real life sea turtle ( without the mess and hassle for parents)

Robo Turtles can be found on Amazon, Toys R Us and more...

Gobble It Up Reviews was sent a sample product for review  purposes only. All opinions stated are my own.

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