Thursday, November 12, 2015

Holiday Party with Whole Sale Party Supplies

When it came time to start buying party supplies for my annual Christmas Party I knew exactly where to start. Whole Sale Party supplies has everything from birthday supplies to seasonal party supplies. I normally go with the traditional red table cover and solid gold supplies, but I wanted something different this year. Whole Sale Party Supplies had so much to choose from.

 I ended up choosing the Frosted Holiday Deluxe Kit in red with beautiful white does and a white/silver table cover. I love this set because its unique but very festive. The deluxe kit serves 20 people. It comes with 20 of the 7 inch cake plates, 20 luncheon napkins, 24 9oz. cups, 24 forks/spoons/knives, 1 table cover ( i ordered an extra so I would have one for the dinner table and one for the dessert table, it also had a set of red and white streamers. As soon as my order arrived I set everything up to get an idea of how things will look at the Christmas Party. I put a cute vase with ornaments in the middle of the table to add that extra bit of umph, It looked amazing. I believe this will be the best Christmas set up I've had.

A party isn't complete without cupcakes so I ordered the Snowflake Cupcake Kit set that makes 24 cupcakes. The kids and I enjoy making the cupcakes together the night before our party, and just for fun I got the Spongebob Squarepants Cake Pan. It doesn't fit in exactly with the Christmas theme but I figure I can add him a festive red and green frosting scarf if need be. Kids love Spongebob so this will be something more for the kids that I know they will get a thrill out of. You can go HERE and check out Whole Sale Party Supplies on Facebook.

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