Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Winning Moves Games

Board games are my go-to gifts for Holidays and birthdays. No matter the age it's generally pretty easy to find a cool game. My boys ages 4 and 8 are heavily into them right now so they were pretty excited when I got the chance to review a couple games from Winning Moves Games. I chose two classics, Guess Who and Connect 4 Twist N Turn.

The Connect 4 Twist N Turn is a bit of a twist from the original Connect 4 game. In this new game two players employ the same object of play as the original Connect  4 game, as in they must get four in a row to win. In this version, the game board has been transformed into a vertical cylinder with rotating rows that's players can twist on their turn to drop a disc into a new slot. Ofcourse, twisting one row drops all the discs in that row and above, so players must carefully decide when and where to twist. Connect 4 Twist N Turn adds a new challenge to the old game, with its 360-degree strategy.

Guess who is the guessing game you know and love, with more choices than ever.You can narrow down your guesses with yes and no questions like "Do you wear a hat" or "Do you wear glasses". Once you have the answer you can make your guess. Guess Who is the original guessing game that lets you choose the characters, set up and play within seconds.

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