Thursday, October 29, 2015

Swanky Shank

Through the years I've been able to find cute, trendy and affordable children's clothing on online boutiques through Facebook, Etsy and Instagram. A few weeks ago I ran across what has became one of my favorites. Its called Swanky Shank. Looking through their items everything is stylish, well made and seems to be one of a kind pieces. I was thrilled when I got the opportunity to review one of her pieces. I got the Looking Sharp Hedgehog Tee in a hand dyed teal color. Its the perfect combination for Fall and Winter. The stamping adds a layer of originality along with the super cool suede fringe. Fringe is one of those things that pretty much stays in trend, so Im loving the style it adds to my little man. The hand dyed items are washed and rinsed three times to maximize the color stay process.
There's something beautiful about hand made items. I love knowing that so much love, thought and consideration goes into each piece of clothing. Swanky Shank has some of the most stylish items for kids I've saw. There is many more pieces I'm wanting to try like the adorable Nerd raglan tee and the Fly Like an Eagle tee. They also offer custom orders, tops for siblings, twins and Holiday selections. Everything on the Swanky Shank page is things I would want my kids to wear. It all looks so well made and comfortable. I recommend checking them out this Holiday season. I'm pretty sure you will find something for the little trend setters in your life.



A Swanky Revolution Up in Herrrr'

(Written By: Jenn Shank Owner of Swanky Shank)

When I was itty I had an inordinate amount of creativity flowing from within me! I would cut my Barbie's hair & paint her face, I would trim the cat's fur & whiskers and decorate every window of our house, for each holiday! Once I used left over roofing shingles to create a couch for my under-the-porch-playhouse!

My creativity is constant, whereas my medium isn't always! I sew, paper-craft, paint and stamp! I also love photography and writing. I relish all different types of materials! Yummy fabrics (duck canvas is my most fav!), ribbons, threads, twine, reclaimed wood, home-made papers-- But mostly, swanky sweet, sweet love!

When my daughter entered the world in 2006 she was my newest canvas! I loved dressing her up-- bows, frills and all sorts of swank! In 2009 I found out I was having a boy and was determined that he too would be swanky!

While my art has been tamed, my insatiable desire to create has not! Art and Craft Fairs have been my Art's home until this year (2012)-- I decided to join the Etsy marketplace!

Here I get to sell my art but I also get to participate in life stories... I get to send gifts to loved ones, I get to help decorate for baby showers, I get to swankify other's lives. And that makes me beyond happy, gratified, and fulfilled.
Jen Shank
owner, maker, designer
Momma of two lil hipsters. Wife to a philosopher. Keeper of a revolutionary heart and a creative soul. 

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Gobble It Up Reviews received a sample to facilitate this review. All opinions stated are my own and were not persuaded in any way.


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