Friday, October 16, 2015

Genesis 950

In addition to being a cleaner, Genesis 950 Concentrate is clean itself. It is environmentally friendly. Unlike other all purpose cleaners, there is no alcohol, ammonia or bleach. It cleans effectively without harmful toxins, unpleasant odors or dangerous chemicals. Genesis 950 makes cleaning, safe for you and your environment.

Fun Fact: Genesis 950 was primarily created for printers to clean ink spills. It is a surfactant based cleaner that works with water soluble. In doing so, it allows the bonds of the stain to break apart, and in turn lift the stain. Over time, printers were complaining that they were running out of Genesis 950 too fast. They eventually discovered the employees were sneaking the product from work to there homes. In doing so they realized Genesis 950 didn't just remove ink stains, but also paint stains, food spills, pet stains and a whole lot more.

I recently had the chance to try Genesis 950 for myself. Luckily it ended up arriving on the day my 4 year old son decided it would make Mommy really upset to draw on her white rug with a bright green marker. I read the instructions for spot cleaning and mixed one part Genesis 950 to seven parts water, in the handy spray bottle which came with my Genesis 950. I sprayed it all over the marker stain and let it set for a couple minutes. I grabbed a rag and started rubbing the stain. With just a few wipes the marker lifted right off the rug. Honestly, I was shocked. I really didn't expect it to work that quickly or efficiently.

Genesis 950 can also be used in your carpet cleaners for an all over clean. Having young boys my
carpets keep a not so clean look, but with Genesis I feel ike I can finally keep my carpets looking clean. I've been using Genesis 950 in everything from my  bathroom counter to my couch upholstery and seen amazing results.

                       Before                                         After

Genesis 950 has many uses:
Stainless Steal
Ceramic Tile
Painted Wood
and more........

Safely Removes:
Vegetable Oils
Insect Residue
and more....

"Will Genesis 950 remove pet stains and odors?"
Yes. Unlike other cleaners, Genesis 950 is a concentrate activated by water. Other cleaners may lighten the stain or mask the odor temporarily. Genesis 950 actually gets into the stain and when absorbed, will break the bonds of a stain. When a stain's bonds are broken, it lifts from the surface. By lifting the stain in this manner, Genesis 950 will remove the visual stain as well as the odors attached to the stain. Genesis 950 is also a deodorizer and a disinfectant.

Gobble It Up Reviews was sent a sample to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own.

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