Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The Spice Lab

The Spice Lab is a  family owned business operating out of Fort  Lauderdale, Florida. In 2009 an entrepreneur by the name of Brett Cramer decided he wanted  to make unique, handmade Christmas gifts for his friends and family. He wanted to use some of his best skills- gourmet cooking and wood working.
He ended up creating wooden stands out of scrap lumber and filled those stands with tubes of exotic sea salts.
The presents were so well received that Brett decided to begin creating them with the purpose of selling them. This led to the creation of The Spice Lab website, where he started to expand his collection of sea salts.
In 2010 The Spice Lab became a direct importer of salts and spices. It has became one of the best sources for gourmet salts and spices. Their spices are flavorful, exotic and unique. The Spice Lab is currently offering over 180 different sea salts from 30 different countries. It has the largest selection of gourmet salts from a single source.
The Spice Lab offers more than just salts though. They offer a variety of special gift accessories. shot glasses, spoons, bath salts, teas, etc.
The Spice Labs Sea Salt Collections are award winning also. In 2012 they won the Sofi Silver Award from The Specialty Food Association and Scovie Awards for Outstanding Food Gifts. They've been noted in several magazines including Oprah Magazine.

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